Canadian Rockies-recollection-part one

Canadian Rockies-recollection-part one

Page Type Page Type: Trip Report
Date Date Climbed/Hiked: Aug 30, 1992
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Summer
Once upon a time long long ago..... and to be precise in 1992 I was invited by my family to visit Them in Canada.So at the end of August I got into a plane heading for Calgary airport.The flight was over Greenland so we could see huge icebergs and then over North Territory of Canada(could see yellow grass and thousands of lakes). At last the plane has landed at Calgary Airport... .
The first Saturday we set off to Banff National Park.Already the first look into canadian Mountains made me feel their mighty and power.We stayed for a while in Banff town
Mount Rundle -Banff National ParkMount roundle above Banff

Visited local Falls and Castle hotel.Then we went to the lake Louise one of the most beautiful in the Banff National Park.There is a big high star mountain hotel here.We took a path along the lake shore and then toward Victoria glacier.
Lake Louise-Banff  National ParkLake Louise .View towards Victoria Glacier

At one moment I saw a huge mass of ice falling down.And there was mighty sound afterwards.We went as far as our shoes let us do it( maybe at 200m distance to glacier) and returned back.Then we turned at left and took marked route up to so called "Devil Thumb" behind that the Agnes Lake is.Once on Devil Thumb we could see whitish Lake Louise and emerald-green Agnes lake.And additionally we could smell intensive flavor of resin.
We followed the route and descended to Agnes lake where to my joy I saw the first wild animals in Canada Porcupine and Badger.We went further down and passed beautiful little mirror lake.Stayed for a while took pictures and returned to our car and back home.

The next weekend it was for 2 days trip.So we took a Van.Our first day's goal was Athabasca Glacier.Off we went.We stopped At Sunset Pass and hiked to the lookout.There was strong wind there and it blew away my cap.Fortunately I have got it back.Next we stayed at the parking lot near the Columbia Icefield Chalet.The Columbia Icefields is one of the biggest fields in Canadian Rockies.It splits into 6 tongues-one of them Athabasca Glacier -the most visited in Canada.Due to warming climate the glacier has receded 1.5 km in the past 125 years.Currently it recedes 2-3m per year...
So we climbed the head of glacier and went forward some 500m.Needless to say that hiking on glacier is dangerous
Some tourists lost their life in its snowcovered crevasses.
There are some snowmobiles you can to take for a trip.
We returned back and stopped once again near the Alexandra river mouth to the North Saskatchewan river.We ascended lookout near Amera Mountain.Then we found Campground and stayed for night sleep.It was in the back of the van.Well it was wonderful day but alas!.My shoes were to tight .Needless to say that my heels have got injured.Can I do any step next day?.

Well the next day we woke up to the blue skies.Short breakfast and we started driving towards Banff town.We stopped at Castle Mountain and Peyto lake to take pictures.
Banff National Park3 -Canadian RockiesUp above Minnewanka lake

We arrived at Minnewanka Barrage lake and left our car at the parking-lot.
This lake is long enough to get tired.We followed the path along the lake .My heels hurt me a lot.I suffered a lot.My morale got low enough.After 10 km or so we turned at left and took ascent to the lookout.We began steep climbing .And of course.The steeper we climbed the bigger pain I felt.After two hours we achieved lookout at last.The vistas were wonderful.The descent was an easier one for me as my feet moved to front of my shoes.Really nice descent.And after that we went back along shoreline to the car .What I can remember it was pain ,pain ,pain.
At last we found ourselves in the car and returned home
The End(of the part I) To be continued

Canadian Rockies- recollectin - part two


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