Chipmunks & Squirrels

Chipmunks & Squirrels

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Sciurids other than Marmots

A Cute Chipmunkfeatured recent photo

It's understandable that marmots have had their own separate album for a while - marmots live in the treeless places that call to climbers. Ordinary squirrels get less respect. In North America, grey squirrels are as tame, fat, familiar, and unwelcome as pigeons.
Still, a review of the images on SP indicates that squirrels and their chipmunk cousins are frequently encountered and photographed in the mountains, and that these images are sometimes rated highly. Let's face it, these little guys are cute.

So far it looks like all the images in this album are of animals that fall into four genera:
Sciurus - common tree squirrels: large, extremely bushy-tailed, arborial, no stripes.
Tamias - chipmunks: small, strongly striped, often on the ground.
Tamiasciurus - American pine squirrels: similar to Sciurus. Douglas squirrel has black stripe on flank.
Spermophilus - American rock squirrels: burrowing, usually large. Includes the Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel whose stripes often lead people to mistake it for a chipmunk.

Should you encounter a flying squirrel (subfamily pteromyinae) or a Sunda tree squirrel (genus sundasciurus), feel free to submit its photo here too.

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