Czantoria Wielka/ Velká Cantoryje

Czantoria Wielka/ Velká Cantoryje

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 49.67807°N / 18.80585°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 3264 ft / 995 m
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Czantoria Wielka (pol)/ Velká Cantoryje (cz) is a mountain located on the borderline between Poland and Czech Republic- the borderline was established in 1920. It is the highest, the most prominient and the most characteristic mountain in Czantoria Massif.

CantoryjeCzantoria- the tower on the top is visible

The peak is one of the most popular among Polish and Czech hikers because of the chair lift from Polish side and the hut near the top in Czech Republic. Sometimes it is called „Beskidian Kasprowy” according to popularity of Kasprowy Wierch. The most important fact for tourists is wide panorama spreading from the Polana Stokłosica and from tower on the top. While the meadow offers only view at the Polish part of Beskidy, the tower serves 360 degrees panorama (from North clockwards):

Czantoria- 995 m

The peak is located in the main ridge of Silesian Beskidy (Beskid Śląski/ Slezske Beskydy). Built of „gadulskie” sandstones.

ČantoryjeCzantoria from Nydek


The main ridge from Czantoria:
  • south to summits of Soszów, Stożek (978 m) and then to Kubalonka Pass where Czantoria Massif ends and Pasmo Wiślańskie starts

  • north- west to Mala Czantoria (Small Czantoria- 866 m) and then Ostry (709 m) and Wrózna (571 m)

  • Czantoria has also two shorter ridges:
  • north- east where Polana Stoklosica is located

  • south- east- falls to Nydek

  • Slopes of Czantoria are very steep for Beskidian standards, especially the eastern and western. The eastern slope rises over 630 meters above Ustroñ city.


    Czantoria rises above two big valleys:
  • valley of Vistula river (Wisla)

  • valley of Olse river (Olza)

  • It means that all the rivers and streams which comes from eastern and northern slopes runs into Vistula river while all from the western side flows into Oder river (Odra)- the two biggest rivers in Poland: 1047 km and 854 km long respectively.

    Slopes of Czantoria are covered with beech, spruce, fir and larch trees. On both sides (Polish and Czech) are Natural Reserves (Czantoria and Cantoria).

    Ethymology of the name Czantoria

    This section was written by Gorzi

    According the legends, during the Tatar invasion in the XIII century, on the top of this mountain, a hedquarter of Chingis Chan was located. A son of Chingis - Chan, who was besieging the Cieszyn castle, died in the swamp of Bobrówka. As a revenge, Chingis - Chan has slaughtered all habitants in the village located on the foothill and burned their bodies. Writers wrote down a name of this village as Ustrino, and name of this mountain as Czan-torium (Chan-torium).

    According Lucjan Malinowski, in the Wrzecionowa Dolina Valley, here is a cave with sleeping knights. Those knights are awakening every year on St. John Day, and they are ready to fight for freedom, if it will be necessary. If it isn´t, they are getting asleep to the next St. John Day.

    According Aleksander Bruckner a name of Czantoria is derived from Czartoryja, which means a mountain trenched by moles (czart=kret). A word czart means a flower Petasites hybridus, growing on Czantoria´s meadows, too. This plant has a magic power, and was used by shepherds.

    Interpretitive trail Rytirska stezka (Trail of the knights). Newly opened interpretitive trail named after the Czantoria´s sleeping knights. This trail starts in Nydek village, it is 10 km long on the Czech side, and another 10 km on the Polish side. It has seven stops. The Polish part of this trail ends in the city of Ustroń.

    Objects on Czantoria

    The infrasctructure of Czantoria is very big:
  • the hut near the top built in 1904- on the Czech side. Located at 950 m.
    Info about the hut

  • lookout tower at the top built in 2002- on the Czech side. Located at the highest point of Czantoria (995 m) is 29 meters high. The highest accesible terace (fifth floor) is 21 meters above the ground (1016 meters above the sea level). To the top leads 118 steps.
    The tower is opened whole week during the summer season. In spring and autumn it is closed on Mondays. In winter it’s opened only on weekends and clear days.

    TAWO CZ s.r.o.
    739 96 Nýdek 580
    Czeska Republika

    phone.: +420 / 558 335 313
    fax: +420 / 558 335 313


    Official site

  • TV transmitter on Polana Stokłosica- below the summit (Polish)

  • summer sledge track- on Polana Stokłosica. Built in 1997, 710 meters long.

    Info (in Polish)

  • souvenir shop

  • chair lift- upper station on Polana Stokłosica (more info below).

  • Skiing

    Czantoria offers great possibilities for skiers. It’s the biggest ski center in Ustroń.

    The chair lift was biult in 1965-1967. Rebuilt in 2006.
    The lower station is located in Ustroń Polana at 389 m, the upper on Polana Stokłosica at 851 m. Altitude difference: 462 m. Duration of the ride- 6 minutes.

    Other ski lifts:
    Faturka: 670 meters long.
    Stokłosica: 198 meters long.
    Solisko: 340 meters long (lights: possibility of night skiing).

    Ski trails:
  • easy: blue, number 2: 2600 meters long

  • medium: red, number 1, 1900 meters long.

  • Map of the ski trails



    43-450 Ustroñ
    ul. 3 Maja 130
    Phone: +48 33 854 35 50,854 22 50

    General info (in English
    General info (in German)
    More info about the chair lift (in Polish)
    More info about the ski slopes (in Polish)

    Routes overview

    Czantoria is climbable from all sides.
    Marked routes which leads to the top of Czantoria:

    From Polish side:

  • from Goleszów via Tuł (PTTK hut) and Mała Czantoria by black marks: 3 hours 45 minutes up, 3 hours down

  • from Ustroń Centrum by yellow marks to Mała Czantoria and then follows the route #1: 2 hours up, 1,5 h down

  • from Ustroń Centrum by blue marks (trail named after Jan Galicz): 2,5 h up, 2 h down

  • from Ustroń Polana through Polana Stokłosica by red marks: 1 hour 45 minutes up, 1 hour 15 minutes down. This trail is used to reach the top from Polana Stokłosica- 20 minutes

  • from Stożek (978 m) by red marks- 3,5 hours

  • Mapa

    From Czech side:- thanks to Gorzi for the info

  • from Vendryne (Vendryne - Vendryne, Vapenka - Pod Malym Ostrym - Nydek, Gora - Chata Cantoryje - Cantoryje) by green marks and then red marks: 3 hours 15 minutes (10,3 km)

  • from Nydek by red marks- 80 minutes (4 km)

  • from Navsi (Navsi, yellow marks- Filipka - green marks- Hluchova, Kolibiska - Maly Stozek - blue marks - Velky Sosov - Beskydske sedlo - Velka Cantoryje)- 4,5 h (13,3 km)

  • ČantoryjeCzantoria from Filipka

    Getting there

    From Polish side:

    The nearest airport is in Katowice.
    Ustroñ is the nearest city- from there starts the majority od marked trails. Ustroñ is located about 80 km south from Katowice (road 941). Accesible by car, train and bus.
    To get to Goleszów: while driving from Katowice in Ustroñ Gaje turn right (west) and after few kilometers reach Goleszów.

    Polish railways(official)
    Buses in Ustroñ

    From Czech Republic:

    The nearest airport is in Ostrava- Mosnov.
    Trinec is the biggest city located near Cantoryje. Accesible by car (road E75), train and bus.
    To get to Nydek from Tinec south by road E75 or by train in direction of Jablunkov to Bystrice. From Bystrice turn left (north- east) to Nydek.

    Trains and buses
    Trains and buses (English)
    Trains and buses (German)

    Accomodation/ camping

    No commentVendryne

    In Poland:
    Many places to sleep in Ustroñ. Hotels, rooms, camping.

    Official site of Ustroń

    Rooms are also avialable in the lower station of chair lift.
    Phone: 0 507 106 665

    In Czech Republic:
    Trinec offers many hotels and other possibilities for night rest.

    Official site of Trinec
    Rooms are also available in Nydek.

    You may also spent a night in Chata na Cantoryji- see Objects on Czantoria section.

    Red tape

    There are no red tape
    Exception: Natural reserves under the top.


    In Poland:
    Górskie Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe- GOPR
    Stacje Ratunkowe - Ustroń
    In the upper station of the chair lift.

    Emergency number in the mountains:
    +48 601 100 300

    GOPR (Beskidy) official site
    GOPR (main) official site

    In Czech Republic:

    Dům HS
    Ul. Ondřejnická 896
    739 11 Frýdlant nad Ostravicí
    Phone/fax: 558 677 393
    Phone numbers:
    597 431 700
    597 431 701
    Emergency number: 606 769 010

    Horska Sluzba(Beskydy) official site
    Horska Sluzba (main) official site

    When to climb

    Czantoria is climbable all year round.

    Weather forecast, webcam

    Essential gear:

    Best time for hiking is summer season: June-September. In summer no special equipment is needed.
    In winter conditions: casual equipment for hiking in winter. Expect a lot of snow.


    There are many maps available in book-shops.

    Online Maps:

    Map of Czech Republic (with zoom)

    Map of Beskidy


    More info about Czantoria:

    Czantoria official site

    Some links providing info about whole area:

    Czech Rep:




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