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Location Lat/Lon: 49.54615°N / 18.44742°E
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 4341 ft / 1323 m
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Picture from web camPicture from web cam - 17.12.2007

Lysá hora

First reference about this mountain, we can find in the documents from 1261, where it is mentioned as Lissa huera. The massif of Lysá hora covers area of the villages: Ostravice, Krásná, Staré Hamry, and Malenovice.
Lysá hora

This massif is separated from the rest of Moravian-Silesian Beskydy by the deep valleys of Ostravice, Řečice, and Mohelnice Rivers. This mountain creates separate mountain group with four pommels:

- to the south Čupel
- to the southeast Zimný
- to the north Malchor-Kyčera
- to the northwest Lukšinec
Lysá hora

It is created by liny layers of limestone and claystone. The top part Gigula on the forest border was planted artificially with draft pine. Lysá hora is one of the most popular places among tourists in Beskydy. The domain feature is the TV transmitter and the weather-station. The first chalet has been built here in commemoration of archduke Albrecht´s ascent in 1880. In 1895 has been built by German group another chalet called Erzherzog Albrecht-Schutzhaus.
Albrecht hut

The first Czech chalet started to work in 1935. It was later called Bezručova chata. But both of them unfortunately burnt out completely in about 1970 (German chalet in 1972, Bezručova chalet in 1978). Lysá hora was an annual destination of famous Silesian poet Petr Bezruč.
Very interesting are cave systems in a pommel of Lukšinec - particularly an underground system Ondrášovy díry (250 m of corridors and domes 30 metres height).

Lysá hora is in the Czech Republic known as a mountain with the highest number of casualties. From 1964 20 people died on its slopes. It is dangerous especially due to very fast changing weather, and often fogs.
17.11.2006 was in Heller´s bend below the top of Lysá hora, raised a wooden cross in commemoration of all these casualties.

Very beautiful panorama pictures from the site
Panorama from Lysa hora


Objects on the top of Lysa hora

Objects on the top of Lysa hora:

  • Weather station - on the top of Lysa hora, there is a weather-station. Daily measuring (three times per a day) of rainfall, temperature, snowfall started 15.7.1897. The first observer was Jaroslav Winkler from Albrecht´s hut. Professional measurings are provided from 25.2.1947. In 1954 a new building of a weather-station was finished.
    Weather station

  • TV transmitter - TV tower stands at height of 1313 m and is 78 m high.
    TV Transmitter

  • Mountain hut Lysá hora

  • Restaurant Šantán

  • SKI hut Lysá hora - 170 kc per night, 35 beds, tel. 558 628 033; 737 731 100

  • Hostel Kameňák - 30 beds, 265 kc per night, tel. 420 777 120 509; 420 736 534 990

Annual temperature: 2.6 oC
Hottest month: July - average temperature 11.7 oC
Coldest month: January - average temperature -6.1 oC
Max.temperature - 5.7.1957 = 29.4 oC
Min.temperature - 9.2.1956 = -30.9 oC
Annual rainfall - 1459.2 mm
Snow cover: (at least 1 cm) - 171 days per year (max. 1974/75 = 213 days).
Average snow height: 196 cm (max. 1910/11 = 491 cm)
Humidity: 84 % (winter = 90%, summer = below 80%)
Average wind speed: 6.7 m/s (max. 44 m/s - 6.5.1968).
Fog: 273 days per year

At the place called Ivančena, there is a stone mound in memory of scouts tortured to death at the time of World War Two. Five of them were executed by Fascist 24.4.1945 in Cieszyn and another 13 died in the battles. This is the place of annual trips of scouts from all over the world. You can take a stone along the way and put it at this mound too.


Ondrášovy díry

A cave system in the pommel of Lukšinec, 2 km in the north-western direction from the top of Lysá hora. It is located at the height of 840-940 m. The most famous are Ondrášova (Zbojnická) jeskyně Cave, 34.5 m deep, 217 m long; Malá Ondrášova jeskyně Cave - 7.5 m deep, 10.5 m long, Studená (Ledová) jeskyně Cave - 10.5 n long; Jeskyně na Lukšinci I Cave - 14 m deep, 21 m long.

National Nature Reserve. Mixed spruce-beech wildwood on the western slopes of Lysá hora, at the height of 715-1315 m. It was established in 1956, extended in 2000. Area: 92.91 ha.
NNR Mazák

Šance reservoir
A reservoir on the Ostravice River, finished in 1970. Its dam is 65 m high and 342 m long. Area: 333.5 ha, depth: 62.5 m.

Mountain Rescue Team - Horská služba

Mountain Rescue Team - Horska sluzba

Stanice HS Lysá hora (Sa + Su)
Krásná 0513
739 04 Pražmo

tel: (+420) 597 431 702
(+420) 606 769 010

Other stations of HS in Beskydy:

Stanice HS Pustevny
Trojanovice 662
744 01 Frenštát pod Radhoštěm

tel. 597 431 707
721 429 188

Stanice HS Radhoš357; (Sa + Su)
Horní Rozpití 0122
756 55 Dolní Bečva

tel. 723 273 032

Stanice HS Solan (Sa + Su)
756 05 Karolinka

tel. 571 480 300
721 886 263

Stanice HS Kohútka (Sa + Su)
Nový Hrozenkov 037
756 04 Nový Hrozenkov

tel. 728 647 879

Stanice HS Javorový
Oldřichovice 655
739 58 Tyra
597 431 703
607 584 985

Stanice HS Velký Polom (Sa + Su)
Dolní Lomná 540
tel. 558 330 053

Stanice HS Gruň (Sa + Su)
Staré Hamry 0185
739 15 Staré Hamry

tel. 558 437 871



a) by car - a road from Krásná-Papežov to Lysá hora - forbidden, only with an exception of PLA Beskydy (300 kč per car, 1200 kč per bus)

b) by bus - from September 2006; every Friday
Departure: Raškovice, Ondráš 8:30
Arrival: Lysá hora 9:10

Departure: Lysá hora 11:20
Arrival: Raškovice, Ondráš 12:00

Price: return ticket 80 kč
one way ticket (to Lysá hora) 50 kč

Seat reservation: 558 432 515

c) by bike - the same route as for cars and buses from Krásná

d) on foot

  1. Railway station in Ostravice - red marked trail - Butořanka (730 m) , crossroad - Lukšinec (950 m), crossroad - Lysá hora. Length 8,5 km. Duration 2 hours.
    Ostravice - Lysa hora

  2. Bus station in Krásná - yellow marked trail - Šebestýna (1057 m)- Malchor (1219 m), crossroad - Lysá hora. Length 6 km. Duration 2 hours.
    Krasna - Lysa hora

  3. Railway station Ostravice - blue marked trail, in the direction of a water reservior Šance - "interpretitive trail" - yellow marked trail - Pod Čuplem - Kobylanka (1053 m) - Lysá hora. Length - 10 km. Duration 2 1/4 h.
    Ostravice - Lysa hora

  4. Bus station Krásná, Visalaje hotel - red marked trail - Vyšní Mohelnice - Zimný (1080 m), crossroad - Lysá hora. Length - 7.5 km. Duration 2 hours.
    Krasna - Visalaje - Lysa hora

  5. Bus station Malenovice, Petr Bezruč hotel - green marked trail - Hradová nad Salašem, crossroad - blue marked trail - Ivančena - Malchor, crossroad - yellow marked trail - Lysá hora. Length - 6.5 km. Duration 1 3/4 hours.
    Malenovice - Lysa hora

  6. Frýdlant nad Ostravicí (370 m) - blue marked trail - Nová Ves (390 m) - Malenovice (460 m) - Hradová (790 m) - Ivančena (925 m) - red marked trail - Malchor, crossroad (1205 m) - blue marked trail - Gabrielka (1250 m) - Lysá hora (1323 m), 2 3/4 h
    Frydlant nad Ostravici - Lysa hora

Folk tales about Lysá hora

According to one of these stories is Lysá hora full of water and this water will flow out, and flood everything below this mountain, when the judgment day will come. For centuries is in the core of Lysá hora hidden Černé jezero (Black Lake).

Inside the Lysá hora (as well as in Čantoryje, Giewont etc.) is hidden an army of mythical Silesian knights. As long as over this mountain circle the ravens, it´s everything all right. As soon as these ravens fly down to the valleys, these knights come out from Lysa hora on their horses and they will fight with the enemy. Once time a year, on the day of the Holy Jan, a drum hits a tambour and this army can slept further.

Inside Lysá hora, deep in its core, there is a secrete underground cave with a huge treasure, guarded by the giant snake. In this cave used to live a witch called divá Hana (crazy Hannah). When Juráš killed Ondráš (an equivalent of Slovakian Juraj Jánošík) and the rest of his group was catched and hanged, Hana began to guarded Ondráš´ treasure. One of the catched bandits, in a torture chamber, disclosed the secret location of this treasure and shortly after, the army was sent to the mountains. Their goal was to find the witch and her cave and to seize the treasure. When the soldiers finally found the entrance to this cave, Hana began to conjure and a flash from the sky hit the rocks, and these rocks buried the entrance to the cave. The spirit of the witch is still appearing in the surroundings of Ondrášovy díry as a snake with a gold crown on the head.

On the top of Lysá hora, there was a meeting point for all withces in Silesia, and right here took place their whirls and covens with Lucifer and other devils. Everyone they met was "danced to death". To these days is on 1.5. celebrated so called Slet čarodějnic (Rally of the Witches).

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