Da Prati di Mezzo

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Abruzzo, Italy, Europe
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Hike - Ski randonee MS
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Half a day
Walk-up - Ski randonee MS

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Da Prati di Mezzo
Created On: Sep 8, 2004
Last Edited On: Oct 14, 2010
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From the highway Á.-1 Rome –Napoli is gone out to the tollgate of Frosinone and is continued for Sora by speedway. Entered the urban center of Sora look for the indications for Cassino and S.S is followed. 627 to Atina. From here the indications t are followed for Picinisco and crossed the village it is continued for Prati di Mezzo (road normally cleaning up for the presence of skilifts).

Route Description

From the parking area of the skilifts (q.1430m.), you follow a level skilift, that crosses the lawn aiming toward the steep woody slant of the Costa della Cicogna. Reached his term, you continue in the same direction, along a ski run, flanked by steep woody slant, up to that the run appears blocked by the slant of the Costa della Cicogna. The footstep continues to the right while to the left it is appearing evident the outlet of an engraved woody ditch. It is necessary to follow this, avoiding to cross its fund but rather holding you tall on his left (orographic) where the vegetation is spaced out. Reached q.1550m. around, it is hacked with clarity, in front of the direction of march, a wide deprived channel of vegetation that culminates aloft in a saddle of that that appears as a crest. To reach the channel, is worthwhile you to continue tall on the ditch up to q.1600m. around, therefore, as soon as the ditch folds up to the right decidedly, to lower you on the fund in correspondence of the steep outlet of the channel (this last in fact it meets in the ditch). To take more comfortably the channel, is worthwhile to go up again the fund of the ditch for some about ten meters and therefore to decidedly earn quota proceeding backwards toward the fund of the channel. You now proceed, comfortably, on the fund of the channel that toward q.1750m. fold toward right, up to emerge to q.1860m. on that apparent saddle of crest, perfectly visible during the whole slope. To the point, the sight is suddenly opened on a vast area, characterized by backs and deep valley, and culminating in the long crest that separates the Lazio from the Abruzzo. Particularly it appears on the left the unmistakable of the summit pyramid of the Meta, with the characteristic rocky walls that fall on the slope abruzzese. Having, therefore, to the point, as safe point of reference, really the peak to be reached, the basin underlying q.1860m is crossed. (the Praticello) aiming to the left toward the deep valley some so many that meet in the basin. The deep valley is followed, proceeding rather tall on its left (orographic), so that to have an ampler view; in this phase it appears as more evident, at the base of the of the summit pyramid of the Meta, the Passo dei Monaci, normally characterized from an ample zone of open ground because of the wind. Now assuming this as point of reference to reach, around q.2000m. around the run it appears blocked by a depth gully that, going up again from left, it constitutes the terminal part of the Vallone of the Meta (normal route o to the Meta da Prato di Mezzo). Because however the Passo is perfectly visible, not to lose quota is necessary but it is possible to revolve the heading of the gully toward right; choosing the street better among the subsidences is reached so the Passo to q.1967m. and it is continued toward the peak in direction North on a rather steep slant and sometimes deprived of snow. In this case it is worthwhile to move toward left thin to meet snow so that to individualize the trajectory better for the descent.

This itinerary represents an alternative to the well note climb to the Meta for the Vallone of the Meta, with which after all it coincides, from the Passo dei Monaci in on. It can be advisable, over that for the taste of the novelty and for of the characteristics of panoramic quality more accented, in the cases in which, for the shortage of the snow, the line of the normal itinerary in the wood behind the Rifugio di Prato di Mezzo is had to cross ski in shoulder. Besides in descent the slant are always very open and they have an ampler breath in comparison to the Vallone of the Meta that is rather narrow sometimes. The itinerary, deprived of objective dangers, can also be crossed after recent snowfalls, while it is absolutely being unadvisable in case of fog in how much the zone of the Praticello can become in these cases a true labyrinth. Particularly, when you are surprised more aloft by the fog somePasso dei Monaci, it is surely worthwhile to return to Prato di Mezzo for the Vallone of the Meta. As it regards the rather onerous cartography, the itinerary, being enough intuitive, it is surely feasible with the aid of the alone paper of the Park.

Essential Gear

Normal equipment for ski-touring. Crampons useful