Via Oriente - Guzzardi

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Abruzzo, Italy, Europe
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Snow/Glacier Climb
Time Required:
Half a day
D 65° 200 metres

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Via Oriente - Guzzardi
Created On: Sep 28, 2004
Last Edited On: Sep 28, 2004

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Route Description

The itinerary is at first along the evident channel that divides the oriental pylon from the crest of peak (100 meters around, inclinations up to 45°).

The east wall of the peak is directly attached, in the point where the basal rocks are broken and with abundant snow frozen slant can be gone up again with middle inclination of 55°, up to emerge in crest (possibility of frames to the exit, 2 draughts of rope).
The descent can shortly take place along the central gully to west of the peak,; walking along the thread of crest in the point where this is lowered and they finishes the frames (45° aloft, delicate with frozen slant). In about 20 minutes snowy basin is touched at the base of the wall on the slope east north.
It is directly continued along the east clay thin in peak (easy rocks in case of little snow).

Essential Gear

Rope Ice axes Crampons Pitons and nut

Via Oriente - Guzzardi

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