Erzherzog Johann hut (Adlersruhe)

Erzherzog Johann hut (Adlersruhe)

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Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 11332 ft / 3454 m


The Erzherzog-Johann-hut has a height of 3.454 m and is also called „Adlersruhe“ (the place wher the hut is built is called Adlersruhe). It is the highest Austrian hut. It is a perfect starting point fort he normal route of Grossglockner as the summit is only 1,5 to 2 hours away.
From the hut you have a wonderful round view to a lot of summits from Dachstein to the Dolomites.
You reach the hut from the South side (Kals) in 5 hours, from the East side (Heiligenblut) in 6 hours.
As Grossglockner is the highest and most famous Austrian mountain there are many climbers during the whole season. So reservation is obligatory.
In 1878 about 100 mountain-addicted Austrian people grounded the „Alpenklub Österreich“ (Alpine Club Austria). In the same year they decided to built a hut at the Adlersruhe. They gave the hut the name of a great sponsor: Erzherzog Johann.
In the last years all sleeping rooms were renovated, mainly with wood. The mattresses are good and the rooms are clean.
The hut has no wash rooms as there is no natural source at this height.

How to get there

How to get to Erzherzog Johann hut

From Kals

1. Alter Kalserweg
Starting point: Kals am Großglockner, 1.325 m, Lucknerhaus, big parking place
Maps: AV-Karte Nr. 40 Glocknergruppe
Height info:
Lucknerhaus - 1924 m, Lucknerhütte - 2241 m, Stüdlhütte - 2801 m, Erzh.-Joh.-Hütte - 3454 m
Lucknerhaus - Stüdlhütte ca 2,5 h, Stüdlhütte - Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte ca. 2,5h

Short route description:
From the Lucknerhaus via a marked trail to the Stüdl hut. Then on a marked trail directly to Ködnitzkees. From this place you should use the rope. Pass the Ködnitzkees to a fixed rope passage to a rock called Kampl. Then on rocks secured with fixed ropes to the Erzherzog Johann hut.

2. Mürztaler Weg:
Starting point: Kals am Großglockner, 1.325 m, Lucknerhaus, big parking place
Karte: AV-Karte Nr. 40 Glocknergruppe
Height info:
Lucknerhaus - 1924 m, Lucknerhütte - 2241 m, Abzweigung Mürztalerweg - 2340 m, Burgwartscharte - 3104 m,
Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte - 3454 m
Lucknerhaus - Burgwartscharte ca. 3 h
Burgwartscharte - Erzh.-Johann-Hütte ca. 1,5 h

Short route description:
Hike from the Lucknerhaus via a marked trail to the Luckner hut. About 10 minutes after the Luckner hut the Mürztalersteig (sign) diverges from the trail on the right side. Then you pass grasslands with direction to the Erzherzog Johann hut. Pass the Ködnitzkees on the right side, use a rope and go to the Burgwartscharte. From there you climb the ridge which is secured with a fixed rope. The ridge leads directly to the Erzherzog Johann hut.

From Heiligenblut:

1. Fürstbischof-Salm-Weg
Starting point: Heiligenblut, 1288 m, Glocknerhaus (Großglockner-Hochalpenstraße)
Karte: AV-Karte Nr. 40 Glocknergruppe
Height info:
Glocknerhaus - 2132m, Stockerscharte - 2243 m, Salmhütte - 2644 m, Hohenwartscharte - 3183 m, Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte - 3454 m
Glocknerhaus - Salmhütte ca. 2,5 h
Salmhütte - Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte ca. 3 h

Short route description:
From Glocknerhaus you descent to the Margaritzen storage lake. Across the wall you hike to the other side of the valley. Then you descent to Stockerscharte and via the Wiener Höhenweg to the Salm hut. From the Salm hut a trail leads to Hohenwartkees (you pass Schwerteck). Pass the Hohenwartkees on the left side and climb the rocks (with fixed ropes) directly to the Hohenwartscharte. Then you pass the Äussere Hofmannkees to the rocky Salmkamp. Then across Salmkamp to the hut.

2. Hofmannsweg
Starting point: Heiligenblut, 1288 m, Franz-Josefs-Höhe
Karte: AV-Karte Nr. 40 Glocknergruppe
Height info:
Franz-Josefs-Höhe - 2370 m, Pasterze - 2150 m, Frühstücksplatz - 2793 m,
Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte - 3454 m
Franz-Josefs-Höhe - Frühstücksplatz ca. 3 h
Frühstücksplatz - Erzh.-Johann-Hütte ca. 2,5 h

Short route description:
You descent from the Franz-Josefs-Höhe to the Pasterze. Then cross the glacier to the western moraine. The glacier has big crevasses, so use a rope and be careful! Pass the glacier to the Äussere Hofmannkees. From there to Salmkamp and then to the hut.
This ascent is only recommendable if there is enough snow. It´s difficult in a warm summer. So the other ascents normally makes more sense.

Hofmannsweg was replaced by Salmweg as standard route from Heiligenblut to Erzherzog Johann hut (due to icefall and big crevasses).


Grossglockner seen from the...

Grossglockner Normal route (1,5 - 2 hours ascent)
Grossglockner Stüdl ridge (4,5 - 5 hours ascent)

Hut informations

Tenant (since 2006): Peter Tembler

Hut Telefone: +43 (0) 4876/8500 (22nd June till end of September)
Valley: +43 (0) 4876/8272
Fax: +43 (0) 4876/8272
Post adress:
A-9981 Kals a. Gr., Großdorf 20

Reservation is obligatory.

Erzherzog Johann Hütte opening dates: from End of June to End of September
Winterraum can be used during the rest of the year (it was closed for a while because of vandalism but is opened again!). The Winterraum has 4 sleeping places with blankets, you can reach the toilets in the cellar, no cooking possibility. Please take care of the Winterraum, when it will be bedraggled again it maybe will closed again!

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