Ferrata Mesules

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 46.50980°N / 11.82920°E
Route Type: Via Ferrata
Time Required: A long day
Difficulty: Difficult

Route Description

From Passo Sella, Hotel Maria Flora take a walking path in direction of the Sella Towers, leave the towers on your right and continue until you reach a big black wall. (about 30 min) Here there is a plaque and the beginning of the Ferrata. Usually the wall is wet and cold, so it is wise to avoid to start early.

This ferrata follows a climbing way of about III degree that has been opend at the beginning of the last century.

The ferrata has been equipped by DOAV around 1910.

You follow the cables up, the ferrata is a quite difficult one with athletic passes and with very limited use of steps and other artificial aids.

Be very careful: there is a point where you have to do a small travers between two chimneys: this traverse, that contains a small ridge pass was NOT equipped with a fixed rope. It is easy (probably II degree) but the lack of ropes makes it dangerous.

Continue up until you reach the median plateau of Sella.
Here you have to walk on the plateau until you reach the second big wall of Sella.
Follow the cables and reach the top terrace of Sella.
The difficulties are mostly in the first big wall. According to your fit it will take about 3/4 hours to reach the summit plateau.

From the top you have to follow the plateau traversing several small peacks (Piz Selva, Piz Rotic...).
Then you have two possibilities to descend:
1. you may take the path that leads you to Cavazza hut and then to Passo Gardena
2. You descend the Val Lasties. To do so you continue on the summit plateau making the tour of the Antersass until you find the path that descends Val Lasties (wonderful valley).About 90 min to arrive here from the top of the ferrata.
Descend it and you will reach in about 2 hours the road that connects Passo Sella with Val di Fassa at a height of about 1800/1900 m. Then you have to walk up on the road until you reach your car parked at Passo Sella (abot 40 min.)

Essential Gear

Ferrata Equipment.
If you bring somebody inexperienced take a small rope to properly manage the piece without fixed rope

Miscellaneous Info

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