Four-Peak Enchantments Slam

Four-Peak Enchantments Slam

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DAY ONE (Saturday, June 11, 2011)

On Saturday, June 11, 2011, Gimpilator Adam, Josh, and I embarked on what would become a two-day, four-peak trek in the Enchantments range of Washington.

On the first day, we summited Colchuck Peak. Then we traversed up the southwest couloir of Dragontail Peak to what ended up being the crux of the entire trip. Atop the couloir, at a saddle next to a point called Pandora's Box, we determined a possible downclimb route. Without the use of ropes, harnesses, or crampons, we slowly and carefully downclimbed to the more gentle-sloped south basin of Dragontail Peak. We estimated the angle of the snow crux section to be 70-75 degrees, possibly slightly more at its worst points. We summited Dragontail Peak that afternoon, and then setup a snow-camp in the Enchantment Lakes basin near Aasgard Pass during the early evening.

The first day had ~7000' of cumulative elevation gain.
Stream Crossing
Dragontail and Colchuck

Ascending Colchuck Glacier...
Ascending Colchuck Peak...

Dragontail From Colchuck
Atop Colchuck Peak

Beginning Dragontail Trek...
Ascending SW Couloir

Stuart and Sherpa
Josh Descends The Snow Crux

Dragontail - South Basin
Enchantment Lakes Basin

Atop Dragontail Peak

DAY TWO (Sunday, June 12, 2011)

On the second day, I woke up early to enjoy the sunrise and scout the surrounding areas while Adam and Josh slept-in. Collectively wanting to summit multiple peaks, we discussed several options for the day before deciding on the one plan with the best chance of success. We first summited Little Annapurna, then crossed the Enchantment Lakes basin until near Prusik Pass, and then followed the east ridge of Enchantment Peak to reach the summit of that mountain.

We returned to our campsite in the afternoon, tore-down the camp and packed our supplies, and then reached the car within 3-1/2 hours from the campsite.

The second day had ~3500' of cumulative elevation gain, making the total for the two days ~10,500' of cumulative elevation gain.
Enchantments Camp
McClellan and Little Annapurna

Enchantment Lakes Basin
Approaching Little Annapurna

Atop Little Annapurna
Prusik Pass

Approaching Enchantment Peak
Enchantment Peak - SW Contours

Enchantment Peak - NE Summit
Atop Enchantment Peak

Me, Atop Enchantment Peak
Shield Lake

Enchantments From Enchantment
Josh Descends Enchantment Peak

Final Group Photo In The Enchantments


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