Guided Ascent Arrangers in Arequipa

Guided Ascent Arrangers in Arequipa

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You will find plenty of agencies downtown Arequipa offering guided tours of the very high volcanoes around (Misti, Chachani, etc.). However, beware there are just 4 actually organizing tours left! The others just sale the service and sub-contract 3 of those 4, adding their margin to the base price.

Genuine Ascent Organizers

The five genuine guided ascent organizers are:

Unloading the truck at the...a 4x4 is a must


Their service is excellent and this is a reliable guide service. The can pick you up in Arequipa and they offer a variety of routes various volcanoes and to various destinations, including those well off the beaten track. I have used them personally, and was really impressed with their service.

Carlos Zarate "Adventures"

Carlos Zarate "Adventures"
Calle Santa Catalina 204
Of. Cercado
Telef. +51-54-202461
Telefax: +51-54-263107
Offers high Standard service only with UIAGM certified guides. They are one of the only ones to sale their services without working with all those retailers previously mentioned. Sometimes they are the most expensive on the market, but their service is very reliable.

Ulises Barrenechea C.

An adventure specialist operating from
Hostal “La Reyna”
Calle Zela Nro 209
GPS: S16-23.702 & W71-32.154
Next to Sta. Catalina Convent
Telef. / Telefax:+51-54-286578
Ulises has his “exclusive” guides. They are reliable and have passed part of the UIAGM required courses. He operates 3 modern Toyota 4 x 4, a luxury in Arequipa “mountain industry”: A “must” for those mountains requiring a long and tough approach! He applies market prices (after fair negotiations!).

Anchaca Ridgethe approach to Anchaca Ridge

Quechua explorer

Calle San Francisco 218
Telef. +51-54-282965
Cel. +51-54-9999658
Cel +51-54-9693135
They contract reliable guides with UIAGM certification or part of the required UIAGM courses. Market prices (after fair negotiations!).


Calle Jerusalen 302-b
Telef. +51-54-330155
Cel. +51-54-9995353
The least reliable of the 4 operators, operates its own 4x4s but unlike the competition, has no technical gears to complete the clients' attire. The retailers only work with them when the demand is higher than what Ulises or Quechua can handle. Market prices (after fair negotiations!).
Lower Base Camp By Laguna PallacochaExpedition to Nevado Coropuna

Case Study: Misti

Campo Pirámidesorganized camp high on Misti
March 2014, market prices for an ascent of El Misti, from Arequipa, were as follow:

Complete guided package:
180 to 250 US$ for 1 client
160 to 225 US$ for 2 clients
100 to 150 US$ for 5 clients and more

Transportation from downtown to the trailhead (Ruta Grau or Southern approach) and back from the trailhead to downtown: 50 to 70 US$ depending on the quality of the used 4x4 vehicle.

Guiding services for high summits: 70 to 80US$ / day (El Misti is viewed as a one-day trip to guide as the ascent starts at mid-day and finishes the next day at mid-day).



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