Haeckel - Wallace Traverse

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 37.14700°N / 118.6558°W
Route Type: Scramble
Season: Summer, Fall
Time Required: Less than two hours
Rock Difficulty: Class 3
Grade: I


The first thing you have to do is get to the summit of either Mt. Wallace or Mt. Haeckel. See the Mt. Haeckel and Mt. Wallace pages for fun and exciting ways to do that. This route is the shortest way to get between the two, and if you're going to climb one, you may as well visit the other since it's so close.

Route Description

This is a fairly easy route with little route-finding issues. The route follows the Sierra crest between the summits of Mts. Haeckel and Wallace, a distance of about 1/2 mile. Follow the ridge just on the east side about 30 feet below the crest along a series of ledges. For the purist, the crest can also be followed directly, but there are many ups and downs. After passing the lowpoint along the crest, trend to the left as you approach the final climb to Mt. Wallace. Harder climbing is to the right, easier climbing to the left where one joins the North Slope route.

Essential Gear

None needed.

Miscellaneous Info

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