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Hoher Seeblaskogel
Created On: Apr 5, 2004
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Hoher Seeblaskogel is a quite popular and, for the long steep middle section of the route, a somewhat demanding ski tour destination in the northern Stubai Alps (Sellrain Mountains). It offers rewarding views of the Lisenser Fernerkogel (3,272 m), Ruderhofspitze (3,473 m), Schrankogel (3,496 m), Laengentaler Weisser Kogel (3,217 m), and Schoentalspitze (3,008 m).

Ski Route

Route from Luesens:
Leaving the car park in Luesens (1,639 m) head south, the impressive Lisenser Fernerkogel in front of you, to the end of the Lisenstal. Turn right into the Laengental. There is a steep ascent at the beginning. Then follow the rather flat Laengental. Pass below the Westfalenhaus, which will be on your right. At an altitude of approximately 2,400 m, turn right and go up to the Gruene-Tatzen-Ferner (Ferner = glacier). This section of the route is long and steep. Go on to the upper end of the Gruene-Tatzen-Ferner, leave your skis there, and walk up to the top. The final ascent to the summit takes 5 minutes and is easy.
The ascent from Luesens to the top takes 4 to 5 hours. The difference in altitude is 1,596 m.

Getting There

By car: Innsbruck - motorway A 12 - exit Sellrain/Kematen - Gries/Sellrain (turn left into the Lisenstal) - Luesens (1,639 m) - car park

Have €3.- change ready for parking (slot-machine).

By public bus (to "Praxmar/Abzweigung Luesens"): timetable
How to get to Lisens.


Westfalenhaus (2,273 m)
Starting from Luesens, take the same route as to the top until you have passed the Westfalenhaus, which will be situated 100 to 200 meters above you (see ski route). Then turn sharply right and ascend steeply "back" to the hut. Follow the signpost "Westfalenhaus Winterweg" (winter route). Do NOT use the summer route ("Sommerweg", as it is signposted) because there is danger of avalanches. The ascent from Luesens to the Westfalenhaus takes 2 hours. The difference in altitude is 634.

Online Maps

Austrian Map online
Online digital maps of Austria (OEK 50, OEK 200 and OEK 500) by the BEV (Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen) - in German

When To Climb

December - April (ski tour)

Mountain Conditions


Current avalanche conditions

External Links

Ski route
Description of the route (in German), photos
Summer route
Description of the route (in German), photos
Ascent to the Westfalenhaus
Description of the route (in German), photo of the hut

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reinhard2 - Nov 14, 2008 5:31 pm - Hasn't voted


It should be noted that this mountain is not only a demanding ski tour and not only accessible from Westfalenhaus, but a fine all-the-year-round goal, which can equally well - or even better - be done from the west side (Winnebachseehütte). Particularly rewarding is a traverse from Winnebachseehütte to Westfalenhaus (resp. the other way round), see here.

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