Hoher Zinken from Laemmerbach

Hoher Zinken from Laemmerbach

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 47.67028°N / 13.34857°E
Route Type: Skiing
Season: Spring, Winter
Time Required: Half a day
Difficulty: Easy ski tour


Hoher Zinken map

The Character of Tour

Hoher Zinken is one of the most popular ski tour goals in Osterhorn group. In good conditions you have some 1000 altitude meters for skiing. The upper part is simply fantastic, then you ascend sligly to Genneralm and from this broad meadow on the saddle between Holzeck and Gennerhorn you ski again over nice meadows and light woods to Laemmerbach. The last part is usually done by roads.

Rating the Tour

The ski tour is easy and safe. The slopes are nowhere exposed. Only in poor conditions the steep part of the NW slope of Hoher Zinken can be dangerous of avalanche. Most of the tour is done over quite gentle meadows, light woods and mountain roads, only one part of the summit slope is more steep, but with basic knowledge of skiing still easy to master.


Usual ski tour equipment is sufficient.

On the way to Genneralm
Below Genneralm
Hoher Zinken, 1.764m
flow - summit slopes

Getting There

The trailhead is at the end of Hintersee valley, the last hamlets are called Laemmerbach. Where the mountain road starts (in summer it is a toll road, in winter it is not cleaned), there is a big parking place on 801 m.

Route Description

The first part of the route really needs little description and also from Genneralm to the summit of Hoher Zinken due to popularity of the tour there is usually a good track. You ascend by the mountain road, but the marked path and the ski track soon start cutting the road which goes quite around. The direction is southwards, on the left we see the valley of Gennerbach. After one hour we exit woods and reach the nice meadows below Genneralm. The broad saddle where the highest huts stand is approached from the right, a bit from the NW direction.

Reaching meadows below Genneralm
Reaching meadows below Genneralm
flow - Genneralm
Hoher Zinken, 1764m
flow - crossing below Holzeck

The majority of huts stand on the other side of the saddle, but when we reach the saddle, cca 1300 m, we immediately turn left, towards the sharp summit of Holzeck, 1603 m. That one is not appropriate for normal skiing. The track crosses the southern slopes of it in the eastern direction. After passing Holzeck, you need to descend some 30 meters to reach the lowest point between Holzeck and Hoher Zinken. You're on some 1280 m there.

The summit ascent on Hoher Zinken goes over its NW slope. The lower part of it is still covered with light woods. The track ascends gently through it, reaching a more steep section. There you ascend in sharp turns, gaining altitude quickly. When overcoming this a bit steeper part, you are already on the lower part of summit meadows. There the most beautiful terrains for skiing begin. Even more so, if you happen to have such wonderful powder snow as we had it on April 1st, 2013. The track now goes more towards the left, so that ascent is again not so steep. In many turns you reach the vicinity of the main (north) ridge and the big cross on top. 2 h 30 min for ascent.

Hoher Zinken, 1.746m
flow - Ascending over a bit steeper slope
Hoher Zinken, 1.746m
flow - Powder snow
Hoher Zinken, 1.764m
flow - summit slopes

You ski down by the same route. In the upper part you can choose slopes deliberately, the same also over the steeper summit section and then you must aim the saddle between Holzeck and Hoher Zinken. For the ascent on Genneralm the majority of people puts skins again on skis, but it's only some 30 meters of ascent. From Genneralm you ski first towards the NW, then you can either follow the road or do shortcuts through not so dense woods.

Skiing from Hoher Zinken
Skiing down