Indian Trailhead

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Indian Trailhead
Created On: Oct 3, 2010
Last Edited On: Jun 18, 2015


Indian trailhead in Ogden Canyon is the Northern terminal to the Indian trail leading over the top of the canyon to Ogden's 22nd Street.

The trail itself is roughly 4.2 miles long and loosely traces the old Shoshoni Indian path used in ancient times to get out of Ogden Canyon and onto the salt lake plain. The trail is heavily forested and, even though you are close to Ogden, has a wilderness feel to it. The trail is well maintained and cool even in the summer.

As you follow the trail, you can see old foundations of the Civilian Conservation Corps camp from the 1930s. This was one of the base camps for the workers during the depression who built the walls along the Ogden river. In addition, the mountains in the area were heavily mined until the 1950s. You can find some of these relic mines if you are armed with an old map and go off trail.

The Trailhead

Indian Trailhead Info Kiosk
Info kiosk at Indian Trailhead facing East into canyon

From Odgen: Proceed up Ogden Canyon (east on 12th Street) about 1.5 miles. Just past Mile Marker 10, there is a small sign for "Indian Trail". You will also see a Forest Service Smokey the Bear fire hazard sign. The parking lot is on the south side of the highway. The parking lot has room for about 20 cars but is rarely filled to capacity. The isn't restroom facilities or running water available.

There is an information Kiosk located at the trailhead with a topographical map and safety information.

Of historical note, there is a recently restored lime kiln at the trailhead next to the parking lot. The kiln, originally built in the 1860s was used to make lime mortar for building. It was restored in 2008 by local volunteers and there is a small historical plate explaining its history.

Fauna and Flora

The trail is home to numerous types of animals; some harmless, some dangerous, and all wanting to be left alone. At various times, you might see Sage Grouse, Rattlesnakes, Fox, Deer, Moose, Owls, Rabbits and Squirrels.

The trail is heavily forested until you reach the western slope and begin your descent to the 22nd street trailhead (about 3 miles). The forest is typical of Utah's northern canyons and is mostly made up of Gambel oak, Canyon Maples, White Pines, and Utah Juniper.

Okay...where does it go?

The Indian Trailhead doesn't link to any points north or East but can be a starting terminal to numerous trails to the South and West. Following Indian toward Ogden, you will reach the Coldwater Trail (dead ends up Coldwater Canyon) approximately 0.8 miles. At 3.5 miles you will reach the link to Hidden Valley trail (overlooks Malan Basin to the North and dead ends). At 4.2 miles you reach the Bonneville Shoreline trail near Ogden 22nd Street. Following the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST), you will reach the link to Malan Peak, Mt Ogden and the Great Western Trail at Ogden 27th Street. If you continue following the BST you would pass Waterfall Canyon and eventually reach Bues Canyon near Ogden's 46th Street Trailhead.