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Navarra, Spain, Europe
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Created On: Feb 18, 2005
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For approach to Isaba see the main page.
In the village of Isaba you must take a little track in the beggining of the village in the right side to Ateas de Belabarce. After 2 km we reach a cross with signals where we can leave the car (is possible the beginning of the route in the village if you don't take a car, it's not very long)

Route Description

slope: 1200meters
time: 3h

In the crossroad you can see the red and white marks of GR-11 ("gran recorrido" or great itinerary of spanish side of Pyrenees). The left side go to Zuriza and the right side to Ezkaurre. The track is easy in the first 2 kilometers. In a little path we can to cross the river to the other side and we entry in the forest. The path in the forest is narrow and with more slope and the location of the marks of GR is very difficult in some cases. In a plain we can turn to the left side for the path and the track to reach a step-crossing across the rocky ridge (we're in the Sierra de Arrigorrieta with a nice sight of the ridge). The path is visible in the hillside to the east side under the peak Ca├▒asillos. For a grassy ramp we reach the summit of Arnaya (1701m) and in a few minutes the more important summit of Itoleta (1763m) (or Godia) with some trees near of the summit. The view of range of Alanos and Ezkaurre from here is great.
After a little descent to the col we follow the marks of GR-11 to the bottom of Ezkaurre bordering the lake (Ibon) of Ezkaurre. Because many people what follow GR don't climb Ezkaurre, another option with marks in east direction exist nowadays. The final ramp is the hardest part of the route (exposed with snow in winter) with great slope to reach the summit of the great whole calcareous Ezkaurre (2049m).

Important: this is a nice walk but if you want only the climb of the summit the route of Col Argibiela is shorter.

Red Tape: the GR-11 in the province of Navarra is "discatologued" from year 2004 according with the Federacion Navarra de Deprtes de Monta├▒a y Escalada because the government does not destine budgets for this task. Unfortunately marks are absent and there are no good signs or they are very distant.

Essential Gear

in winter crampons and ice-axe for the final ramp


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