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Location Lat/Lon: 42.85310°N / 0.8412°W
Activities Activities: Mountaineering
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 6722 ft / 2049 m
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The enormous calcareous fortress of Ezkaurre, or Peña Ezkaurre constitutes one of the most curious mountains of the geography of Navarre but its reputation it's given for being the second peak over 2000 meters of the Pyrenees beginning from the west (the first it's the Pico de Ory). The deep gorge created by the river Veral separates it from its neighboring Sierra de Alanos and it creates spectacular walls. The north face and North-East that it appreciates from Ansó's valley seems to be inaccessible but it is for the face northwest where it turns out to be more accessible than it seems.
Located in Roncal's valley in border between Navarre and Aragon this mountain supposes an opportunity to know one of the most interesting green valleys of Navarre, Roncal's valley. The valley of the Roncal is composed by mountains around 1500-1700 meters and reaches its culmination in the north with the mountains of 2000 meters of the valley of Belagua.

Name (euskera language): "Ezka" (river in west side) and "aurre" (upper, over), it's mean "over the Eska"

Getting There

For approach to valley of Belagua (north of valley of Roncal) see long description of the page of Petrechema
Generally all the people climb this mountain from the col of Argibiella but another option from the village of Isaba it's possible.

Red Tape

No permits, no parking pass.
Generally the free camping it's no allowed but you don't see rangers or inspectors in this areas (no natural park) and you can try to camp but it's a good option the camping of Zuriza just under this mountain.

North valleys of Navarra

The north valleys of Navarra constitute the first elevations of the mountain chain of Pyrenees with low mountains but with a green and marvel vegetation.
-Valley of Bidasoa: the first valley from the west is the valley of river Bidasoa with the mount Larrun (900m) and green hills but the first peak of Pyrenees it's probably the Peñas de Aia
-Valley of Baztán: the most extensed valley of the Pyrenees of Navarra. A curiosity: the river Baztán it's named Bidasoa in the neighbor valley before the end in the Cantabric/Atlantic sea. Generally the little valleys of Aldudes and Baigorri are included with this valley in books and maps.
Some of the peaks : Auza (1306m), Iparla (1044m), Saioa (1428m), Adi (1458m...).
-Valleys of Esteribar /Erro / Roncesvalles: little valleys with the historic pass across the Pyrenees on Ibañeta / Roncesvalles (the trail of Santiago, the battle of Rolando,...)
Some mounts: Ortzanzurieta (1567m), Urkulu (1419m),...
-Valley of Irati/ Salazar / Aezkoa the green sea of forest is named Selva del Irati (Irati's jungle) under the omnipresent Pico de Ory (2017m), the first 2000 meters of Pyrenees. Other peaks: Abodi (1520m), Escaliers (1472m),...
-Valley of Roncal: in the north-east of the province it constitute a very interesting valley with other little valleys like Belagua (with the mount La Mesa de los Tres Reyes, the highest of the province), Belabarce (just under the peak Ezkaurre), Mintxate, Binies, Gardelar or Urralegui.
Other peaks of this valley: Kakueta (1578m) , Kalveira (1686m), Idoia (1749m), Virgen de la Peña (1294m), Otsogorrigaina (1922m), ...

When To Climb

Summer (june to september).
Warning: the rain days or with snow in the mountain it's very dangerous. The limestone is very wet with water or snow and you can slip and fall (near of the summit you can fall across the vertical wall of NE or East face and die)
View of second 2000 meters of...

 Ezkaurre from Paso del Caballo

The NE face of Peña Ezkaurre...

The massif of Ezkaurre in...

The south face of Peña...


You can see my page of Mesa de los Tres Reyes for complete info about the campings, refuges and hotels but the camping of Zuriza it’s a great place to contemplate this mountain and to lodge.

Mountain Conditions

El tiempo en Isaba, Izaba - Predicción a 7 días y condiciones actuales.
I.N.M. (you must see the weather for the north of province of Navarra).

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