Jerebica from Val Rio del Lago / Jezerska dolina

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Jerebica from Val Rio del Lago / Jezerska dolina
Created On: Sep 3, 2006
Last Edited On: Mar 28, 2018

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Until we reach the main ridge the path is nothing special, on some places even unpleasant. From the saddle 1714 m on it gets amusing - nice path, more and more panoramic, two or three details also a bit more demanding.

By the Swiss Hiking Scale the overall grading of this hiking tour would be T3.

0. General. From 973 m to 2125 m, exposition of slopes is N and W. Steep, but good marked paths, only on two or three places exposed so that some care is needed. No protection devices on the path. Gear (in dry seasons): Only good shoes and poles.

1. Effort. 1200m, 3h 30min - 4h.

2. Power. 1 - no difficulties, almost only walk-up.

3. Psyche. 2 - easy (on two places exposed, but you have good steps there).

4. Orientation. 1 - no difficulties.

The grading system for hiking and scrambling routes is here.

Getting There

See the main page how to get in Val Rio del Lago / Jezerska dolina. You park on a big parking place below the road, good 2 km SW of Lago del Predil / Rabeljsko jezero. The parking place is on broad river sands.

Route Description

First you cross the sands towards the South, when getting over, the marked path takes you towards the right (SW), along the sands. After a short walk through the forrest you reach a forrest road, which comes up from the screes. You gained no altitude. Here you can follow the forrest road up the hill, or turn left by old marks through a ravine, where the path is already completely abandoned (but it goes directly up). The road ascends the slope in big turns, so you gain altitude very slowly. After some 50 meters of ascent you reach the place where a big area of woods were broken by a strong wind or avalanche. You struggle through it and finally the real walk-up begins. Now the marked path (No. 653) ascends upwards in many turns. You go all the time through woods and only rarely a nice panorama on Viš group, on the other side of the valley, opens.

After the first 250 m of ascent the path proceeds through bushes. It is a bit slippery, but luckilly it goes up quickly. Soon the terrain opens and the path proceeds over screes, grassy slopes and light larch and pine woods. Except the fantastic view across the valley the path is not attractive. Finally we reach Sella del Lago / Jezersko sedlo, 1718 m, where the southern views open. Here from the right the marked path from Možnica valley joins. The crossroads is not marked with any inscription, only the word 'Jerebica' on the rock shows that we must turn left (eastwards).

Jerebica from Krivi robThe summit ridge
Krivi rob traverseThe traverse around Krivi rob
Now the path starts crossing a high carst plateau, soon it also starts ascending again. On the northern slopes of Vogel the path goes by a comfortable, broad ledge, after we pass its sharp peak the path reaches the ridge between it and Krivi rob. But again the path goes by the left slopes, so by the western and northern side around this fore-summit. When reaching around, we must descend some 40 meters, on this part the path is steep and also a bit exposed. You reach the broad saddle between Krivi rob and Jerebica. Now the path goes more in the eastern direction, all the time crossing the southern slopes of Jerebica's summit ridge. We have a few rocks to overcome, finally the path turns up and reaches a panoramic notch in the summit ridge. A breath taking panorama towards the NE opens. Also the last 50 meters of the summit ridge are very panoramic.

On the descent you go by the same route (except if you have another car in Možnica). When descending from Sella del Lago / Jezersko sedlo, you can use some 100 m of nice scree slopes. Stick to the scree flow as long as you can.

Jerebica from Val Rio del Lago / Jezerska dolina

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