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Location Lat/Lon: 47.05795°N / 10.52969°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Scrambling
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 9416 ft / 2870 m
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Kübelgrubenkopf (2870m) & Rotpleiskopf (2936m)
Kübelgrubenkopf (2870m) & Rotpleiskopf (2936m)

Kübelgrubenkopf is a lonely summit in the eastern part of the Samnaun Group. I think it sees about a dozen (or 2) visitors on its summit every year. The mountain has no real trail up to its summit and it neither has a summit cross. This in contrary to many of the surrounding mountains like Furgler, Planskopf and Rotpleiskopf. These mountains all have a marked trail up to the summit and are visited much more frequently. The loneliness of Kübelgrubenkopf is also its charm, you can be all alone on this summit in an area that is quite crowded due to the lift facilities on both sides of the mountain. (See in the Paznauntal  and Serfaus/Fiss in the Oberinntal). 

Kübelgrubenkopf can be climbed from both the Paznauntal on the SW side of the mountain as well as the Oberinntal on the NE side. The approach routes are all on well-marked hiking trails up to the T3 gradation. Along these trails the base of Kübelgrubenkopf can be reached, the Kübelgrubenscharte, which is 100 vertical meters below the summit. From this point the summit is reached along the NNE-flank with some easy scrambling up to UIAA-I. The summit is marked by a small stone-man. The overall gradation of the climb is T4, due to the summit part.

Kübelgrubenkopf & Rotpleiskopf
Kübelgrubenkopf & Rotpleiskopf in Winter

Kübelgrubenkopf (2870m) & Rotpleiskopf (2936m)
Kübelgrubenkopf & Rotpleiskopf in Summer

Kübelgrubenkopf is located in the eastern part of the Samnaun Group between the Paznauntal (See) and the Oberinntal (Serfaus, Fiss). At Kübelgrubenkopf, 3 ridges of mountains join each other. Kübelgrubenkopf is bordered by Planskopf (to the SE; saddle: Urgjoch) , Rotpleiskopf (to the N; saddle: Kübelgrubenscharte)  and Blankakopf (to the WNW, saddle: Glockscharte)

If you are looking for a nice and quiet peak in this somewhat busy part of the Alps (especially Serfaus and Fiss are to blame for this) Kübelgrubenkopf is the mountain to go for

Little mountain goat keeping guard
Little mountain goat keeping guard

Furgler (3007m) and Blankasee
Furgler (3007m) and Blankasee from the summit

Routes Overview

There are 2 main routes to the summit of Kübelgrubenkopf, one from See (Paznauntal) and one from Serfaus (Oberinntal). Both routes are quite long at take up most of a day, even when using the lift facilities of See or Serfaus. Both routes are described in more detail below.

Route I: From Serfaus/Oberinntal

Kübelgrubenkopf Map: Approach from Serfaus
Kübelgrubenscharte & Planskopf
Kübelgrubenscharte & Planskopf
Take the Komperdellbahn (cable car) up from Serfaus to the Komperdell / Koelner Haus at 1950 meters. Outside the station is a large yellow signpost. Follow trail number 02/21 in the direction of the Furglersee/Ascherhuette/Glockhauser. The trail follows more or less the direction of the Plansegg-lift to the right of you.  Keep following trail 21 and at the junction take a right towards “Unterer Glockhaus” and “Ascherhuette”. After arriving at the Unterer Glockhaus there is a scenic small lake. After passing the lake the trail starts gaining in elevation fast. The trail steepens and gets a bit more difficult (T3). After this steep part you will arrive at the Urgjoch.

Take a left here in the direction of the Ascherhuette and Rotpleiskopf. Follow the trail (no. 22) towards the Kübelgrubenscharte, the saddle between Kübelgrubenkopf and Rotpleitskopf. Just before the scharte you can see Kübelgrubenkopf to the left of you. The NNE-flank is the flank that is most gradual and easiest to ascend. Find your way up the large blocks (some easy scrambling, UIAA I) and up to the summit of Kübelgrubenkopf, marked by a small stone-man. This last part is without a marked trail, and graded T4

Descent is the same way back, but there are nice alternatives for a round trip as well. The first option is to descent back to the Kübelgrubenscharte, then follow trail 24 to the west to the Glockscharte (inbetween Blankakopf and Kübelgrubenkopf) and descend back via the scenic Blankasee lake to the Unterer Glockhaus. From here it is back down along the way you came up (down to Komperdell / Koelnerhaus).

Another variant is to descend from the summit to the Kübelgrubenscharte. Follow trail 22 towards the south back to the Urgjoch and from the Urgjoch follow the trail up to Planskopf (2804m). Traverse Planskopf along trail 23 and take a right at the first junction (this is before Vord. Brunnenkopf) and along trail 20A and B back down to Komperdell/Koelner Haus. The routes take up most of a day. When Planskopf is included take a full day. 

Route II: From See/Paznauntal

Kübelgrubenkopf Map: Approach from See
Sign along theTrail
Sign along the Trail
Rotpleiskopf, Kubelgrubenkopf and Blankakopf
 Kubelgrubenkopf from Paznaun
Take up the cable car from See to the Medrigalm at 1800 meters. Take “wanderweg02/713 up to the Ascherhuette. The wanderweg is graded T2. At the Ascherhuette (2256 meter) there are several trails to choose from. Take the trail towards the Kübelgrubenscharte. (T3) At about 2600m there is a junction. Take a left here and soon you will arrive at the Kübelgrubenscharte. From the scharte, take the path towards the south (towards the Urgjoch), but only follow it for some 20 meters. Now you can see up the NNE-flank of Kübelgrubenkopf.

The NNE-flank is the flank that is most gradual and easiest to ascend. Find your way up the large blocks (some easy scrambling, UIAA I) und up to the summit of Kübelgrubenkopf, marked by a small stone-man. This last part is
without a marked trail, and graded T4.

Descent is the same way back, but a nice alternative is to descent back to the scharte and ascend Rotpleiskopf (2934m) along the south flank and via trail 22. Traverse the mountain and descend along the North flank (trail 16) to the Spinnscharte. From here follow trail 711 towards the west and back to the Ascherhuette. From the Huette it is the same way back as you came up. The route takes up most of a day. When Rotpleiskopf is included take a full day for the route.

How to get there

How to get There: Hexenkopf
How to get There Map
Fiss (& Serfaus and Ladis) are located in the heart of Tirol and can be reached most easily by car.  The official website of Serfaus-Fiss and Ladis includes a route-planner. Fill in your home address for your route information. The route planner can be found here. This link also provides information about Train & Bus schedules as well as Taxi services.

See this link for getting to See im Paznauntal . The link provides information about getting to See by car, bus, train and taxi.

When to Climb

Me @ the Unterer Glockhuas lake
At the Unterer Glockhaus lake
Lake at Unterer Glocckhaus
 Unterer Glocckhaus lake
can be climbed best during the summer months and in Fall (June / October) when there is no snow present on the mountain. Ski-touring is also possible in wintertime.

Maps and Books

Kummerleyand Frey –  Ischgl & Serfaus - 1:35.000 - ISBN 9783259007136

Kompass 42- Landeck Nauders Samnaun Group – 1:50.000ISBN 9783850265423

Kompass 42 Samnaun Group

Kummerley + Frey MAp Ischgl Serfaus

External Links

Kübelgrubenkopf Summit
Kubelgrubenkopf Summit
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Webcam from See

Accomodation  in Fiss & Serfaus

Accomodation in See


Panorama with Kubelgrubenkopf

Panorama  from  Hinterer Sattelkopf (2670m) towards Kubelgrubenkopf



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