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Location Lat/Lon: 42.83947°N / 19.25422°E
Additional Information Elevation: 7303 ft / 2226 m
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The highest peak of Moračke Planine-Moraca Mountains range

Počki Vrh and Kapa Moračka massif (Zagradac, Lastva, Štit) Photo: Igor Stojović

Kapa Moračka massif – Lastva (2226 m) left and Zagradac (2217 m) right Photo: Igor Stojović

MORAČKE PLANINE (MORACA MOUNTAINS) range is placed in central part of Montenegro. From SINJAJEVINA range, Moračke Planine are separated by Morača Canyon where Morača river flows. This mountain range is structured from few beautiful and impressive mountains as are Kapa Moračka, Lola, Stožac, Tali, Lukanje Čelo, Štit and Žurim. This mountain area is also enriched with two beautifully lakes - Kapetanovo Jezero and Manito Jezero.

From all peaks of Moračke Planine, one is the largest and highest. That is Kapa Moračka which has a 4 summits, Lastva (2226 m), Zagradac (2217 m), Štit (2151 m) and Štit (2133 m). All these four peaks creates a large massif of Kapa Moračka, which represent the highest mountain in central area of Montenegro. Lastva peak is the highest point of Kapa Moračka. Kapa Moračka dominate above the beautiful Kapetanovo Jezero (Captain's Lake) and it's surrouded by Stožac, Štit, Lola on the west, Tali, Lukanje Čelo and Žurim peaks on southwest. Between Kapa Moračka and Lola massif (Zebalac peaks) is placed the spring of Morača River at 1490m above sea level. Morača River is 99 km long and its life actually begin from Rzački Potok stream which has its spring below Zebalac, and from Javorski Potok stream which has its spring below Javorje. The massif of Kapa Moračka is structured from limestone, with expression of many sedimental rocks.

Summit View

Kapa Moračka (2226 m) NW summit view to DURMITOR and Bobotov Kuk (2523 m), background-right Photo: Igor Stojović

Manito (Brnjičko) Jezero and Kapetanovo Jezero Photo: Igor Stojović

Kapa Moračka (2226 m) offer enjoyment in many beautifully panoramas. The closest mountains which you can see are Sinjajevina range and Maganik range. Also, if the weather is good, you can enjoy in view to Durmitor, Komovi, Prokletije and Žijovo (Kučke Planine).

Kapa MoračkaKapa Moračka (2226 m) summit view to SINJAJEVINA (2277 m), KOMOVI (2487 m) and PROKLETIJE (2694 m)

VIEWPOINT:Kapa Moračka (Lastva 2226 m); 42°50'22.1'' N ; 19°15'15.2'' E

01. Sinjajevina (Veliki Pecarac) 2042 m; Distance: 18 km
02. Sinjajevina (Babji Zub) 2277 m; Distance: 11 km
03. Bjelasica (Crna Glava) 2139 m; Distance: 37 km
04. Komovi (Kucki Kom) 2487 m; Distance: 38 km
05. Kucka Krajina Mountains (Surdup) 2184 m; Distance: 37 km
06. Lovcen (Stirovnik) 1748 m; Distance: 62 km
07. Njegos 1721 m; Distance: 42 km
08. Golija 1942 m; Distance: 43 km
09. Bioc (Veliki Vitao) 2397 m; Distance: 58 km
10. Durmitor (Bobotov Kuk) 2523 m; Distance: 37 km

 Kapa Moracka ( Zagradac...Zagradac (2217 m) summit view to Sinjajevina

Access & Routes Overview

Kapa Moračka massif – Lastva (2226 m) left and Zagradac (2217 m) right

The easiest and most impressive approach to Kapa Moračka (2226m) is from Nikšićka Župa via Kapetanovo Jezero lake. Another approach is from its opposite side from Morača Canyon from Dragovića Polje, but this approch is not optimal because of biger height difference in comparasion with first approach from Nikšićka Župa. Also, exist third solution to approch Kapa Moračka from Međuriječje via Mrtvica Canyon, but people mostly use this solution just for descending from Kapa Moračka, because of 2000m height difference. But, some people use this option also for approaching Kapetanovo Jezero and Kapa Moračka via breathtaking Mrtvica Canyon.

As i said before, the easiest approach to Kapetanovo Jezero is from Nikšić town via Nikšićka Župa and Morakovo. After 9km of asphalt road from Nikšić to Morakovo you should go left and than going away from Kucko mine more 16km (together 25km from Nikšić town) where is the end of asphalt road. From here you should continue more about 10km driving on macadam road to approch Kapetanovo Jezero lake.

Kapa Moračka MapMap of Kapa Moračka and its surroundings
Map of Žurimi and Lola areaApproach to Kapetanovo Jezero

KAPA MORACKA (Lastva, 2226 m)
Coordinates: 42°50'22.1'' N ; 19°15'15.2'' E


1. Kapetanovo Jezero lake (1672 m) - Lastva Peak (2226 m) 2.30h - Zagradac summit (2217 m) 1.30h: 4h

Height difference: 555 m
Lenght: 7.5 km
Duration: 4h
Trail: Unmarked
Registration book with stamp on Zagradac (2217 m) summit

The beginning of this trail is on the bank of Kapetanovo Jezero lake (1672 m, 480 m long, 330 m wide, 37 m deep). Climb north and northeastward by pasture foothpaths to the Krstac Plateau (1887 m), then up the grassy slopes of Kapa Moračka to the highest peak of Lastva.

Descend towards the southeast and after 250-300 meters in altitude, turn northeast through grasses and rock falls to the foothills of Zagradac summit, climbing very cautiously up to the exposed ridge. The return can be by descending to the Javor katun (1684 m)(30 min) and taking the pasture path through Radojeva vales (1749 m) to Kapetanovo Jezero (1.30h).

2. Dragovića Polje (650 m) - Teoč Do (1000 m) - Grlo - Blagodo (1740 m) - Lastva (2226 m)

Height difference: 1570 m
Duration: 5h

3. Dragovića Polje (650 m) - Katun Čuke (1620 m) 2h - Lastva (2226 m)

Height difference: 1570 m
Duration: 4.45h

4. Ridge Route: Javorje (1580 m) - Zebalac (2129 m) 2h - Kapa Moračka (2226 m)

Height difference: 550 m
Duration: 4h (Javorje-Zvornik-Lastva), 4.30h (Javorje-Ivanbegov Katun lodge-Lastva)

Getting There

 Kapetanovo Jezero (Captain s...Kapetanovo Jezero from ascent on Kapa Moračka
 Kapa Moracka (2226 m) with...Kapa Moračka massif

By plane:
The closest airport is the one in Podgorica (70km away).
If you are planning to come via Serbia, you can use the Belgrade (Beograd) Airport in Beograd (Belgrade) city, capital of Serbia and Montenegro.
Information about flights and tickets on JAT Airways web page.

By train:
Beograd - Bar (Bar - Beograd) railway passes through Mojkovac and Kolasin. Then by car or taxi from Kolasin to Podgorica - Nikšić - Nikšićka Župa - Morakovo - Zagrad village - Oblatno village - Bare Bojovića

By Bus:

From Beograd (Belgrade):
Beograd (Belgrade) - Cacak - Uzice - Zlatibor - Nova Varos - Prijepolje - Bijelo Polje - Mojkovac - Kolasin
Then by car or taxi from Kolasin to Podgorica - Nikšić - Nikšićka Župa - Morakovo - Zagrad village - Oblatno village - Bare Bojovića

From Podgorica:
Podgorica - Kolasin
Then by car or taxi from Kolasin to Podgorica - Nikšić - Nikšićka Župa - Morakovo - Zagrad village - Oblatno village - Bare Bojovića

For the bus tickets and informations about but lines see Belgrade Bus Station page.

By car:

From Beograd (Belgrade):
Beograd (Belgrade) - Cacak - Uzice - Zlatibor - Nova Varos - Prijepolje - Bijelo Polje - Mojkovac - Kolasin - Podgorica - Nikšić - Nikšićka Župa - Morakovo - Zagrad village - Oblatno village - Bare Bojovića

From Podgorica:
Podgorica - Kolasin - Gornje Lipovo - Klisura (1189 m)

- Mojkovac - Kolasin road goes from the E side of the Moraca Mountains
- Mojkovac - Djurdjevica Tara road goes from the NE side of the Moraca Mountains
- Djurdjevica Tara - Savnik road start from the NW side of the Moraca Mountains (lower quality of the road)
- Savnik - Kolasin goes on the SW side of the Moraca Mountains

You should drive along the central Montenegrin highway, which connects the seaside to the towns: Cetinje - Podgorica - Kolasin - Mojkovac - Bijelo Polje; and goes on to Serbia (Belgrade city). This road is passable during most part of the year. It is closed only in case of abundant snowing or great rockslides. The landscape along the highway is particularly picturesque in the segment of the Moraca River Canyon between Podgorica and Kolasin. This part of the canyon is called “Platije”. The highway is built along the edge of the narrow canyon. Thus, you can enjoy in observing the beautiful contrast between steep, dark cliffs and light, green river, while round, white peaks of Bjelasica glow in the distance. At moments, this beauty becomes scary!

From Podgorica you can also take the village road for Kolasin. It goes across Lijeva Rijeka, Verusa and Matesevo. One part of it goes along the Tara River, which in this area is like a small, gentle and playful spring. The road is narrow, but in good condition. From the north, you will reach Kolašin if you take the highway that passes through Mojkovac. If you are coming from the east you should go across Andrijevica through Matesevo to arrive to Kolasin. You will be surprised by the difference in the landscape of the northern and the southern access to Kolasin. Unlike the south, the vegetation in the north is more lush, green and soft.

If you travel by car you will not depend on local bus routes. Buses are quite regular along the main roads, but if going by bus you will not enjoy as much in beautiful rural landscapes. In particular, the recommendation is that you do not take a bus in winter snowy days. It is better to rely on the train then, because roads might be impassable.


The most optimal place for camping is near the Kapetanovo Jezero lake. Here you can freely put your tent and create your base camp. Also, you can choose from many placed on the mountain to create a base camp, for example near Manito Jezero lake. Finally, you can use empty shepherd's lodges for stay inside.

 Kapetanovo Jezero (Captain s...Beautiful scenery of Kapetanovo Jezero lake

Red Tape

No extra fees.
Usual rules of behaviour for NP's do apply.

Meteo Info

Before you visiting Moračke Planine range, check the Meteo Info for Nikšić town.



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