Koscielec-mystical summit in High Tatras

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Malopolska, Poland, Europe
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Jul 15, 2006
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Koscielec-mystical summit in High Tatras
Created On: Nov 4, 2007
Last Edited On: Nov 4, 2007
Koscielec- high Tatras 2
Jaworzynka valley2-High Tatras
Koscielec 2155m a mystical mountain of Polish High Tatras. Each person who climbed it I speak to said it was true it was mystical. What is it about this mountain? It is difficult to explain especially for me as my English is a little poor but here you can find such motto written on the rock as ”I am nearer to God”. Here you can experience His majesty and glory. Here The man’s soul opens for beauty of nature. Not a hiker who is attracted by this Mountain.

Well ,one day of July 2006 I got up at 5a.m.The skies were overcast .I took my car and went to Zakopane –Kuznice a starting point to Koscielec. I Chose a marked route through so called-Boczan. to the Gasienicowa Valley. Passed the mountain chalet of Murowaniec and stopped at the one of the most beautiful tarns in the High Tatras- Czarny staw. Here I had my breakfast, watched some wild ducks for a while and started hiking uphill to the Karb saddle 1853m just below Koscielec. There I founded myself a short break to catch breath.Then the first tourist passed by me saying hello. I said hello too and continued resting. After a while I saw this man stop in front of the first rock drop on the route to the summit of Koscielec .I approached him and started dialogue.

Me. Don’t you go further
He. I’m afraid. I think I can’t overcome this drop.
Me. It isn’t difficult. The rock is dry.
He. I don’t feel strong enough and I don’t know what is the further route like.
Me. Well, I will climb the first and tell you
He. OK

So I climbed the maybe 3 m high drop and it seemed to me that the further route is an easier one.
Just some inclined slabs and little rock drops. The man believed me. He climbed the drop and further, we climbed together. He told me that his desire to climb Koscielec was very strong. He felt grateful me for motivating him. He told about his feelings to the mountains, about “Lord’s holy hand creating this beauty divine”. Needless to say that I felt the same.His words were my thoughts. At last we reached the summit. We were the first ones. The man showed the sign of Victoria and was very happy. We took some pictures. The man stayed on the summit for a rest and I started to make my way down. I met a lot of tourist just climbing uphill. It was still a young day. Once in the Jaworzynka valley I stopped for 2hours’rest. And then my climbing guy passed me again. He thanked me once more. After a while I heard thunder come .So I started my way to parking lot and arrived just in time before the first drops of rain reached me. I returned home and heard from my wife that here it was raining all the day. Heh … I can say I was awarded by this mountain.


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Koscielec-mystical summit in High Tatras

Trip Report
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