Kranjska koca na Ledinah

Kranjska koca na Ledinah

Page Type Page Type: Hut/Campground
Location Lat/Lon: 46.36944°N / 14.55062°E
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 5577 ft / 1700 m

Basic Data

JezerskoJezersko resort
Ledine'Glacier' below Skuta

Kranjska koča na Ledinah (also: Vadinah), 1700m, is standing on a terrace above the end of Ravenska Kočna valley, below the northern walls of the central part of Kamnik and Savinja Alps. Together with Češka koča, standing more towards the west it perfectly serves northern ascents on those mountains, but can also be a goal of a hike itself. The scenery around the hut is really beautiful. We are on the upper timber line, among the last larches, the view towards the NW is open, above us everywhere steep, white limestone walls. The hut was built in 1977 on the site of an ex shepherds hut, was renewed in 1992, and is named by Kranj town, or its alpine club which is also running it.

As described on Kamnik and Savinja Alps main page, below Skuta once there was a real glacier. Today there are only rests of it, but in spring and early summer the snow field is big enough to offer a ski fun. Decades ago the best Slovenian alpine ski team was training there, so also a removable ski-lift was installed for a few months. Today, they are training of course on glaciers all around the globe.

The hut is opened from mid June till mid October. In the dining room it has 80 seats, 30 additional on the terrace, in 6 rooms there's 60 beds. The winter room with 4 beds is opened all winter.

Managed by: Planinsko društvo (Mountaineering Club) Kranj, Koroška cesta 27, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia. Tel: +386 (0)4 23 67 850, mobile: +386 (0)41 636 007. E-mail:

Hut direct mobile contact: Tel.: +386(0)31 309 600

Access Routes

Jezersko resort is accessible by the road, which connects Slovenia (Kranj) and Austria (Eisenkappel) over jezersko sedlo. From that road a mountain road deters towards the S, passes a small lake and goes into the valley till the parking place, where the lower station of both material cable cars stands. There are the trailheads for both mountain huts on the northern side of this group.

From Ravenska Kočna by 'Lovska pot' - Hunters path

From the parking place (1080m) follow the marked path which goes left of the material cable car, first through the forrest and then soon by the edge of a huge ravine, filled with screes. When reaching the steep part, the part overcomes a few rocky steps and is on those parts also protected by pegs and cables. In switchbacks we ascend directly up, towards the left we see on one or two places into the deep gorge below Velika Baba. Later the path crosses towards the right, reaches more open terrain and again ascends by a shallow ravine just to the hut. 1h 30min.

This is the easiest of the ascent routes. In good conditions it can be partly, or even entirely also skied down, but the ski descent is hard. We used to ski also into the ravine below Velika Baba, but only if there was enough snow and really a minimal danger of avalanches.

From Ravenska Kočna by 'Slovenska pot' - Slovenian path

From the big parking place this path goes between both cable cars, first through a forrest, later over a dwarf-pine terrain. So we reach the ravine, where in the upper part Žrelo is situated. Below is the crossing of paths. The Slovenian path goes left and climbs over an open rocky wall. This part is well protected, so it is a short medium hard ferrata. Above, the path goes through dwarf pines again, more or less directly upwards. From the right the path through Žrelo joins. From there, we have only a few minutes to the hut. 1h 30min.

From Ravenska Kočna through 'Žrelo' ravine

As by 'Slovenska pot', described above, till the crossing of paths, below Žrelo ravine. There we continue by the ravine upwards. The ravine becomes more and more steep, and also we should take care of a possibility of falling rocks. In early summer, in the upper part of the ravine there can be a snow field. There the path turns left and ascends even more steeply. That part is protected by steel cables. Finally we climb over the exit wall, walk up to the crossroads, where the Slovenian path joins from the left and continue to the hut. Consider that protection devices on this route can be in some seasons damaged by avalanches and rockfalls and that the route can be harder in such a season. Otherwise it's a medium hard protected route with some objective danger.

Summits and Passages

Kranjska koča na Ledinah you can go further to:


Kranjska Rinka, 2453 m, 3h 30min,
Križ, Koroška Rinka, 2433 m, 3h,
Ledinski vrh, 2108 m, 1h,
Vellacher Turm / Storžek, 2110m, 1h 30min,
Mrzla gora, 2203 m, 3h 30min,
Velika Koroška Baba, 2127 m, over Jezersko sedlo, 2h 30min,
Velika Koroška Baba, 2127 m, by the ferrata, 2h.


- To Češka koča, 1542m, 1h,
- To Frischauf hut on Okrešelj, 1396, over Jezersko and Savinjsko sedlo, 4h.



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