Lake Havasu Area Hikes

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Lake Havasu Area Hikes
Created On: Jan 1, 2017
Last Edited On: Jan 1, 2017


Lake Havasu is a water reservoir behind Parker Dam on Colorado River on the border of Arizona and California. The area is a dry desert that receives an annual rainfall of 3.8 inches. The lake exists thanks to Colorado River which originates in the snowy mountains of Colorado thousands of river miles away. For many, Lake Havasu is a boating destination. Hikers and mountain climbers will also find plenty of opportunities to explore the local rugged mountains, deserts and canyons.

London Bridge

London Bridge was constructed over the river Thames in London England in 1831. By early 20th century, it was discovered that the bridge was slowly sinking. Instead of demolishing it, someone came up with the crazy idea of putting up the bridge for sale. In 1968, to create publicity for his newly developed Lake Havasu City, the American entrepreneur Robert P. McCulloch purchased the bridge and transferred it to Lake Havasu City where it was reconstructed over a channel connecting the Arizona side of the Colorado River to an island in the river.

London BridgeLondon Bridge

When to visit

For purposes of hiking/climbing, winter is the best time to visit. Summer can get dangerously hot.