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This page intends to present the Romanian part of the broader region called Maramarosh (in Romanian: Maramureş) - not from the administrative point of view (Județul Maramureş), but from the cultural point of view (most of Maramureş is hilly).

From a broad perspective, the historical Maramarosh also encapsulates the region located in the south of the Ukrainian "Zakarpattya" territory, neighboring Romania in this part of the Carpathian range, where the Maramarosh Mountains are located. However, for several reasons, above all practical ones (rare crossing points, hiking along the border strongly prohibited), it makes sense to dedicate a different page to the Romanian part, especially concerning the cultural topic.

Given the content (I visited only a small part of the region, and the page was initially born as an album), every good-willing spirit who has been there is more than welcome to enrich it.

The Romanian Maramureş

Typing one after one some places names in Google, it didn't take long to land me in the country of Maramureş.
This name, which sounds so nice, quickly became the emblematic destination of our 2006 holidays.

The Maramureş is not an area with very high mountains, but still a mountainous area. The agriculture is very dense, due to a high fertility of the soil, partly due to a local volcanic geology, and the orientation to the West, with a tempered microclimate.

This region of Northern Romania, stuck between Rodnei Mountains, Maramarosh Mountains and Gutâi Mountains, is a real open air museum of the mountain and countryside life of the past time. The stay in this region personally stirred me up, just like if I made a pilgrimage in the country of my ancesters...

Map of the villages in MaramureşMap of the villages in the Iza Valley, the "cultural avenue" of the Romanian Maramureş

Botiza, Maramureş
Church in Ieud, Maramureş

In this region, which is the capital of joinery handcraft work in the Carpathians, all houses are orned with a large wooden gate.

"This gate is an "arc de triomphe". Every day of the existence is a challenge. Every morning, when we wake up alive, and when we come back home in the evening in good health, with the satisfaction to have carried out the work, to drink, to eat, to heat the house, is a vitory. The gate, that's it." explained us Gavril, inhabitant of Ieud.

Rozvalea church, Maramureş
Ieud, Maramureş

Ieud is the village where is located the oldest church of the region, from the 13th century. Maramureş owns a large number of these immense wooden churches, which makes the other noticeable feature of the architectural landscape.
The origin of this tradition of wooden architecture comes from the fact that a long time ago, for some reason, the greco-catholic ritual was not tolerated, and churches of this confession where allowed to be built not from bricks, but only from wood.

"Ieud is a very old village", explained me Gavril also.
At the beginning of times, the Maramureş people were looking for a good place to settle and then looked for a place with water.
The oldest man of the tribe suddenly stoped and said "wait !". He put his ear to the ground and heard an underground stream of water. They dug and the first well was made, and then the whole village.
"Ieud" means "I hear", in old romanian, and here is where its name comes from.

How to...

Ieud, Maramureş
Botiza, Maramureş

This page is not very strict and not too structured, in purpose; to reflect what Maramures inspired me. Nothing too well-defined, no "where-to-sleep", no accurate "how-to-go", neither "when to go", "red tapes" and so on...
You can stay in almost every house, you cannot shop in supermarkets but only get self-made home food, you can hike everywhere.... as long as you behave according to the good sense.

One little thing anyway: do not wild camp, the region is populated with bears. Beware also of the sherperd dogs in charge to divert the first mentioned, they can be as tricky as the bears themselves...

I invite everyone to add pictures in this page, and content. I stayed only few days and saw only a small part of this region. Any addition will be welcome !

Budeşti Josani wooden churchWooden church in Budesti - a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage
The  merry Cementary  in Sapânta, MaramureşMore information Sapânţa's merry cementary.
Church of the Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple at BârsanaWooden church in Birsana - a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage


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yatsek - Nov 20, 2010 5:56 am - Voted 10/10


I find this page really interesting, however, it deals with the culture rather than with the mountains themselves, so IMO, to go well with the core SP stuff, it should be classified as an album, custom object or TR – not an area page.


LukZem - Nov 20, 2010 6:08 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Taxonomy

I hope, now - after several dozens of km of arduous hike in the wildest mountains of the Carpathian arc - I am qualifyed to do it. What do you think ERIC?


visentin - Nov 20, 2010 6:14 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Taxonomy

Lukzem, you're now owner.
Can you still keep me a little corner in the page where I could keep the little cultural stuff ? Thanks


LukZem - Nov 20, 2010 7:00 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Taxonomy

Thanks to your offer, but my intention wasn't to be the owner of your page - its your work, not mine. The only problem was with AREA/RANGE classification. I hope, now you agree with ALBUM status. If you agree, you are allowed to do everything you want...


LukZem - Nov 20, 2010 10:49 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Taxonomy

Please Eric, there is no need to have 2 AREA/RANGE pages dealing with Maramures area. Your page is about culture, our new one about mountains, so if you won't agree with reclassification of your page to ALBUM, delete my ADMIN (OWNER) priviledge, otherwise I will do it by myself. I am responsible for MARMAROSH MOUNTAINS page only!!!


peterbud - Nov 20, 2010 2:08 pm - Voted 10/10

Re: Taxonomy

Patience Lukas, perhaps Eric did not read the previous note yet. The issue will be sorted out, I am sure. I have replaced the links on the Carpathians page, by the way.


visentin - Nov 21, 2010 5:24 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Taxonomy

Lukzem, the question was already debated. The real issue is: does it make sense to group all in the same region when the border is so hermetic from the visitor's point of you. You described the border problems very well.
My opinion about is is no, but it's only mine. I thought that you shared it, but I suspect we misunderstood each other. Please confirm.
As for the culture/mountains separation. I don't agree. Romanian Maramures has also mountains and hiking terrain, less high for sure but it does. Similarly Ukraine has also culture stuff that could be developed, which you did not.
I appreciate moderately your initiative to create alone a Maramorosh page that is finally meant to cover both countries, and declare unilaterally that mine should be an album for the simple reason there is less hiking material in it. This is not very much accordingly to the SP rules (chapter 35).
The way you auto-proclaimed yourself the right person for the job, "having walked so much distance in the wilderness", disturbs me a bit. Have you asked me a single time what exactly did I do in this area ? For sure less than you. But is it a reason ?
The goal is not to argue, so I propose you one of the two following solutions, since you have about as much hiking material than I have cultural material:
- Keep 2 areas pages for each country: yours for UA, and the RO one that we would share : hiking stuff for you, cultural stuff for me, but of course only if you want. Sure my current page of course needs to be rewritten to meet the standards.
- Or, one global page for both countries that you OWN but that we SHARE.
You must recognize that your page, as it is now, doesn't meet the standards as well, when it comes about describing the Romanian side, except the couple of places you described on the border. In this case it would be logic to keep me at least one chapter, where I would recompile my stuff (my own page is poor I recognize), along with Tomek's experience in the Vaser valley. Then the current page will remain as a textless album or a TR.
According to the consensus met in this thread, it would be also necessary to put a bilingual title as the area covers two countries.
Let me know what seems the best to you.

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