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Location Lat/Lon: 40.24986°N / 5.26847°W
Activities Activities: Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Ice Climbing, Scrambling, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 7838 ft / 2389 m
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Morezón is not one of the highest mountain in Sierra de Gredos, neither in Macizo Central de Gredos, but is one of the most visited in the hole range. Either mountaineering or skiing. It is the big buttress wich closes Circo de Gredos on the east side. It borders on the NE with Altos de Morezón (2.364 m). To the SW there is a long ridge (Cuchillar de Cerraillos) where the first peak is Risco de las Hoyuelas (2.318 m). Even there is another ridge on the east starting on the Point 2.295 m, near Cerro de la Cagarruta (2.299 m).

The NE flank is not as steep as the others, it only presents some crags wich are easy to avoid. So the normal routes are in that side and onto Cuerda del Cuento, the long ridge from Altos de Morezón to Cuento Alto (2.272 m) and Los Barrerones. Both routes should be attempted from La Plataforma (1.780 m). Morezón also has another easy route from Circo de Gredos, it's through Majada Adrián reaching the Col 2.252 m, where it joins to Cuerda del Cuento normal route.

So the climb is rather easy but recommendable because of the very good views over Laguna de Gredos, Circo de Gredos mountains, El Gargantón peaks and La Mira. The ascent can be done in the route to Laguna de Gredos or when approaching Los Tres Hermanitos area, in Cuchillar de Cerraillos. It's also the first climbed mountain when attempting Integral del Circo de Gredos.

Getting There

The most common and almost the only transport to get to Plataforma is by car.

Madrid is distant 188 Km by A-6 highway to Avila, C-502 to Venta Rasquilla (just before the bridge over Arroyo Arenillas), C-500 to Hoyos del Espino and then turn left to drive 12 Km more to Plataforma de Gredos. You can also get there passing El Escorial: drive by A-6 highway over 47 Km, C-600 to El Escorial and C-505 to Avila. Then follow the previous itinerary.

There are a lot of roads coming from the south and west as well as if you come from Toledo, Cáceres or Salamanca.

Red Tape

Though there was no red tape before an important change on leaving your vehicle at La Plataforma has been made since October 12th, 2012. It's having to be said that the price for private vehicles on weekends and holiday is 2,50€ having no closing time. You'll have to pay from 8:00 to 20:00 from June to September and from 9:00 to 18:00 the rest months of the year. But as I've said before it's only for paying on weekends and holiday. (Dec 8th, 2015)

Camping and Huts

Camping is not allowed, it's forbidden in the Natural Park but it's difficult that a ranger a localizes your tent out of the route to Laguna Grande and Circo de Gredos. Many people camp near Refugio Elola at night but they could be fined it the ranger wants to.

Refugio Elola (1.945 m) open from June to October and weekends out of these period, also fest days except 24 and 25 of December or meteorological impossibility (a little part of the hut remains open). Bad service, don't try to buy anything early in the morning if you haven't slept in the hut, you won't be served. Tel: 920 20 75 76 or 920 22 83 93 (answer machine in Avila). Reserves are required to spend the night in the hut.

Refugio Refugio de Reguero Llano (1.910 m) is open all the year unless some days as Christmas Eve or 31 December. This is a private refuge hold by my friend Jose, so be nice with him and his dogs. He also will be friendly if you make the reserve until the arrive. Private, 60 places (many litters), without cooks, meals (only if ordering). It's placed on the NE side of Prado de las Pozas, only at 30 min-walk from Plataforma if you use the wide rocky track that pass besides Pluviómetro, or 20 minutes if you take the short cut straightly Wwards from Plataforma. Tel: 606 78 05 89. Note that it's a mobile phone, sometimes is of covering so let a message.

Refugio ElolaRefugio Elola
Refugio de Reguero LlanoRefugio de Reguero Llano

Refugio del Rey

Refugio del Rey (1866 m) is an old and ruinous hut located on the E face of Cerro de la Cagarruta (2299 m), east of Morezón. It was built ordered by the King Alfonso the 13th in 1915. It is near Regajos Llanos, a little stream where you could find water out of summer months. From the hut ruins there is a good view over Prao Puerto, Puerto de Candeleda, Cuerda de los Campanarios and La Mira.

When to Climb

From October to July you could find snow at Gredos. Therefore crampons and ice axe in winter are highly recommended as well as winter clothes because the temperatures can sometimes be under -15 ºC / 5 F. You could also practice ski-mountaineering during the winter and early spring.

INM weather forecast for Sierra de Gredos.

Webcam over Morezón (left) and nearby peaks.

Actual conditions on the trail to Refugio Elola, described by pics.

Get informed of winter road conditions in pages 601 and 611 of "Teletexto" TVE.

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