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chip00 - Jul 22, 2005 10:29 pm

Route Climbed: Kite Lake Trailhead Date Climbed: July 19, 2005  Sucess!

Reached the summit in 2 hours. We recommend following the switchbacks instead of climbing along the ridge line. Most of the snow was gone, but we encountered winds of 45- 65 knots which prevented us from continuing on to Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Bross.


Cortez - Jul 20, 2005 10:23 am

Route Climbed: East Face from Kite Lake Date Climbed: August 16 1999  Sucess!

This was the first 14er for my wife and I. We climbed this peak on our honeymoon. I love you Jennifer!


jnoffsinger - Jul 18, 2005 10:06 pm

Route Climbed: Southeast Ridge Date Climbed: May 25, 2002  Sucess!

Renamed the summit Mount Hillary Clinton, because Democrat was a bitch. Numerous false summits pissed me off. Great hike with the Colorado cousins, Uncle Jack, and Greg Rund, who just graduated from Columbine High. Unfortunately, Greg perished in Iraq serving our country this past winter. I will remember Greg for sharing his love of beef jerkey with the rest of group. God Bless, Greg.


CWFry - Jul 15, 2005 5:48 pm

Route Climbed: East Face (Kite Lake Trailhead) Date Climbed: July 2003  Sucess!

One part of the 4 peak loop!


doumall - Jul 13, 2005 3:06 pm

Route Climbed: Kite Lake Decalobron Date Climbed: July, 2003  Sucess!

3rd 14er!


wwells - Jul 4, 2005 12:34 pm

Route Climbed: East Face Date Climbed: July 1, 2005  Sucess!

The ascent and descent of Mount Democrat were the hardest part of the Decalibron for me. I opted to head straight down the ridge line for the saddle with Cameron from the summit, but this entailed downclimbing through lots of talus on a very windy day. I'd recommend heading back down Democrat's switchbacks instead.


Chris - Jul 1, 2005 5:25 pm

Route Climbed: Decalibron (in reverse of standard order, Bross 1st, Democrat last) Date Climbed: July 1, 2005  Sucess!

#4 for the day, doing the Decalibron in reverse. I did this backwards because the last time I attempted this, I was stormed off after only getting Democrat. I figured I'd go the other way this time and at least see some new terrain if that happened again. Beatiful sunny (but really windy) day, and a great training hike/run for the upcoming Pikes Peak Ascent.

Foxy Long Bottoms

Foxy Long Bottoms - Jun 20, 2005 1:32 pm

Route Climbed: East Face and West side Couloir Date Climbed: 9/03 and 9/04  Sucess!

Comment on West side couloir: A beautiful snow route that can be done w/out gear. You can see it clearly from HWY 91, heading East. It's the most prominent couloir that intersects the West Face, leading all the way up to the top.


georgbetsy - Jun 17, 2005 1:22 am

Route Climbed: Kite Lake: Democrat, Lincoln, Bross Date Climbed: June 11th, 2005  Sucess!

Climbed, Democrat (Southeast Face), Cameron, Lincoln, Bross, and South Bross. Great hike with lots of time spent at altitude. Took approximately 6 hours for the trip.


eggheadsherpa - Jun 9, 2005 1:59 am

Route Climbed: Kite Lake Date Climbed: September 18, 2004  Sucess!

Did the Bross-Lincoln-Democrat trifecta...pretty easy to knock out all three at once.


ktiffany22 - May 15, 2005 10:27 pm

Route Climbed: Kite Lake Date Climbed: July 19, 2004  Sucess!

It feels so nice to bag 3.2 (Cameron- hey, it has a name, why not give it a .2?!) 14ers in a day:-) I love climbing these things, but having recently moved 4,000 feet in elevation lower to Greeley... the altitude gets me at the start of every 14er hike, so Democrat wasn't quite as enjoyable as the others, but of course I still love it! Made it through the initial "uck" feelings, & had a wonderful day! 14ers ROCK!:-)

Old Ickabod

Old Ickabod - May 7, 2005 11:08 pm

Route Climbed: Tour De Lincoln Group Date Climbed: 6/2004  Sucess!

I love this hike! I've done it about five times and last spring I went at it as a post Rainier workout. I took my video camera and spent quite a bit time setting up shots, but still got my best time...4 hours 24 minutes Jeep to Jeep. Running between the summit of Cameron, Lincoln, and Bross is an energizing experience... rock on!

Brian Kalet

Brian Kalet - Apr 7, 2005 5:39 pm

Route Climbed: West Face Date Climbed: June 20, 2004  Sucess!

Skied almost from the summit!

easleygone - Apr 4, 2005 11:12 pm

Route Climbed: Kite Lake Date Climbed: July 1996  Sucess!

#1 of my "Tour de Force" that day.

James C

James C - Apr 4, 2005 7:20 pm

Route Climbed: Kite lake Date Climbed: June 25, 2004  Sucess!

Quik and steep hike to the summit


altitude14er - Mar 20, 2005 7:58 pm

Route Climbed: Kite Lake Trailhead Approach Date Climbed: 10/2004  Sucess!

Steep and Short

Colorado Susan

Colorado Susan - Mar 16, 2005 12:18 am

Route Climbed: East Ridge Date Climbed: July 18, 2004  Sucess!

This was a gloomy day with a summit masked in clouds. It was a unique summit view (or lack thereof).


kylerlott - Mar 15, 2005 9:49 pm

Route Climbed: Southeast Ridge Date Climbed: Sept. 5, 2004  Sucess!

Whiteout! and Wind! Those were the conditions the whole way to the top. The trail was hard to find because it was snowing so much, especially on the way down. The wind was blowing so hard on the summit it was very hard to even take a picture. I signed the summit log, but it looked as though someone spit ink on the paper and thought it might resemble a name, the wind was seriously insane. I had planned on hiking the "loop" but weather wouldn't allow that to happen. I will definately be back to finish my "loop".


bigwilly - Mar 11, 2005 3:58 pm

Route Climbed: Northeast Slopes Date Climbed: August 2002  Sucess!

This was my first fourteener and much more than I expected. The endless scree on the slopes above the saddle is really obnoxious. Still a great climb however, and a wonderfull introduction to fourteeners.


Asphazell - Mar 1, 2005 12:36 pm

Route Climbed: Kite Lake, standard route Date Climbed: May 2004  Sucess!

This was a grad hike for Wilderness Trekking School with the CMC. Was a fun trip with some nice, LONG glissades down the west couloirs!

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