Mt. Elbrus ascent


Mount Elbrus, 5642m

Mount Elbrus (Elbrouz)

The Mount Elbrus is an extinct volcano located in the western Caucasus mountains Russia, near the border of Georgia. The West summit of Mt. Elbrus stands at 5642m (18,510 ft) and is considered to be the highest mountain in Europe and one of the Seven summits. The normal route is long and strenuous (2000m / 6561ft of climb from the Barrels) but it is not technically difficult. Beside the long climb the biggest challenge is the weather and strong winds that are common.

September 9 and 10: Acclimatization above the Barrels (3700m / 12,140ft)

Acclimatization climbs from the Barrels hut up to 4300m / 14,100ft. Bad weather with 20cm (8in) of fresh snow, wind and lightning.

September 11: Acclimatization to Pastuckhova Rocks at 4690m (15,390ft)

Acclimatization climbs from the Barrels hut to Pastuckhova Rocks at 4690m (15,390ft). Good weather but 45km of wind.

September 12: Barrels Hut (3700m / 12,140ft) - Elbrus West summit (5642m / 18510ft) - Barrels Hut

I left the barrels hut at 3:45am, reached the Pastuckhova Rocks at 6:20am and the summit at 9:35am. Clear skies but 50-60km/h wind and cold.
Return to the Barrels hut in 2h30.

September 13: Barrels Hut (3700m / 12,140ft)

Rest day at the Barrels hut.

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Mount Elbrus Ascent 2007

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