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Liba Kopeckova

Liba Kopeckova - Jul 8, 2009 4:12 am

from Denny Creek  Sucess!

easy hike, one of the few fourteeners accessed form a paved road. Duchess as usual ahead of me.


FlatheadJim - Jul 4, 2009 1:29 am

Yale  Sucess!

Bad weather up top


slkrr - Jun 9, 2009 12:41 pm Date Climbed: Aug 15, 1989

First attempted 14er

My first attempt at a 14er, back when I was 15. We tried to go up the old Denny Gulch route (before it was closed), but got turned back above timberline by ominous weather. Twenty years later, I still haven't been back, but I will eventually get this one!


justing - Mar 3, 2009 4:09 pm

July 1998  Sucess!

My first mountain.


shknbke - Feb 18, 2009 10:03 am Date Climbed: Feb 15, 2009

Denny Creek both times  Sucess!

3/27/04-The first time was in light snow on a very cold, early spring day. We went straight up the wind scoured glade at treeline to avoid avy risk.

2/15/09-Had a nicer day nearly 5 years later via the same route. Traversed over to Mascot and descended s.e. ridge of Mascot, which is not recommended with a bunch of unconsolidated snow! See TR.


SarahThompson - Feb 16, 2009 10:55 am Date Climbed: Apr 16, 2006

Twice  Sucess!

4/16/06 - Standard route from Denny Creek. Stomach deep postholing in wet spring snow made for very slow going. Made an out and back trip to "Mascot" from Yale before heading down.

2/15/09 - Winter ascent via Denny Creek TH, slight modification to standard summer route to avoid avy slopes. Traversed to "Mascot" and descended to the Avalanche Gulch TH (had a car shuttle set up).

Panthera uncia

Panthera uncia - Nov 23, 2008 9:39 pm Date Climbed: Nov 17, 2008

Beautiful Weather!  Sucess!

The southwest ridge was pretty much snow free and the lack of wind on the summit was nice :)


canichol - Sep 28, 2008 11:39 pm Date Climbed: Aug 10, 1994

Denny Creek TH  Sucess!

Drove from Crested Butte to climb this and then drove back, so the hike isn't very long.


JCantu1044 - Sep 24, 2008 10:36 pm Date Climbed: Aug 31, 2008

Denny Creek SW Slope  Sucess!

Solo hike on a partly cloudy day with many hikers on the trail. The steep hike to the saddle was rewarded with a really fun scramble to the summit. Great view of Harvard and Columbia. Misty rain on the way back but no thunder or lightning. 11th fourteener.


haytraci - Sep 10, 2008 6:40 pm Date Climbed: Aug 26, 2008

Super Day Out  Sucess!

Yale's ascent was absolutely gorgeous, but very steep in the last couple of miles. The gentle grade during the first portion is deceiving; although knowing the elevation gain, the push to the top was expected. And, did Disser get lost???

Brandon Fuller

Brandon Fuller - Sep 4, 2008 10:29 am Date Climbed: Sep 2, 2008

Denny Creek  Sucess!

9 miles round trip


lanagordon - Sep 1, 2008 2:45 pm Date Climbed: Aug 26, 2008

Denny Creek  Sucess!

Still trying to figure out how the Disser got lost?!??


jeffrawn - Aug 12, 2008 1:01 am Date Climbed: Aug 3, 2008

Denny Creek Standard Route  Sucess!

Pretty steep climb, but very pleasant, scenic hike. Wonderful views on the summit. Badly-eroded trail with lots of scree, above tree line, was disappointing. Great party at the summit - must have been about 20 of us! Interesting that there was no tube/log at the summit.


ElliottDavis - Jun 23, 2008 1:57 pm Date Climbed: Jun 21, 2008

West Ridge from valley floor  Sucess!

Started from 8,800'-ish on CR 365 Friday night because I like hiking better than driving. (yeah, I'm a little kooky about that). Camped at Kroenke lake amidst a surprising amount of snow; dry campsites are few up there right now, and 3-6 foot deep snowbanks are plentiful. Went up the West Ridge Saturday morning, with Max and Brangwen, my loyal hounds, in fine form. I was, per usual, merely adequate in comparison to their enthusiasm. There were a bunch of friendly folks at the summit and we stayed for an hour. Ahhh. Brangwen woke a napping boy scout by stepping on his crotch, much to the delight of his companions. Luckily she weights just 37 pounds; the boy's future prospects were not altered. Ran into Bob Mooner from C Springs CMC, whose shelty recently passed on with 32 career 14er summits completed. That's a well-accomplished doggie. Extra kudos to Max, who is 11, on his second 14er; Yale was Brangwen's 4th and my 28th.

Technical note: the ridge looks harder than it is on the way up. You can stick near the crest most of the time - no need to contour around. The hounds did it, and they don't have thumbs.


lilmantis - Jun 9, 2008 4:08 pm Date Climbed: Jun 8, 2008

Yale 08'  Sucess!

Did this one with John Morehead! His 2nd and my 19th. Pretty good day overall. Alot of wind and no rain or snow. I would love a winter ascent of this one. We started at the Denny Creek trailhead and took our time and enjoyed the day and all the scenery.


panhandler - May 16, 2008 7:54 pm Date Climbed: May 6, 2006


Got to the saddle at 13,900' and couldnt hack the altitude any longer. Flew into CO springs at 5 pm the afternoon before, rented a car, drove straight to the mountain and began the climb around 4am. Sea level to 14k took its toll on this one!

Kenneth.alone - Mar 27, 2008 2:03 pm Date Climbed: Sep 19, 2004

Strange company  Sucess!

My hiking partner, against my strong warning, wore new sandals 'she just loved' for about the first mile... and blew my socks barefoot for the rest!


Natasha - Feb 11, 2008 4:39 pm Date Climbed: Feb 10, 2008

Long Winter Hike  Sucess!

Went up the standard route. Avy danger was avoidable, despite the recent heavy snows. Road was closed at Avalanche Gulch TH (which added 6 mi RT). Gorgeous weather which helped ease the unpleasantness of being on snowshoes for 14 mi....


MountainHikerCO - Feb 7, 2008 10:16 pm Date Climbed: Sep 8, 2007

Denny Creek  Sucess!

This was my fifth time climbing Yale. We went the now standard Denny Creek route. I have also climbed Yale via the east ridge from Avalanche Gulch trailhead.


MountainHikerCO - Feb 7, 2008 10:13 pm Date Climbed: Sep 3, 1989

Denny Gulch  Sucess!

This was my first climb of Yale. It was via Denny Gulch. This was the route featured in "A Climbing Guide to Colorado's Fourteeners" by Borneman & Lampert before it was closed for environmental concerns. The standard route became Denny CREEK a little to the west.

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