Kucki Kom

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Location Lat/Lon: 42.68153°N / 19.64567°E
Activities Activities: Mountaineering
Seasons Season: Summer
Additional Information Elevation: 8159 ft / 2487 m
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Amazing KomoviLjevoriječki Kom (2469 m) and Kom Kučki (2487 m)

Wilderness of Kom KuckiKom Kucki massif

KOMOVI are one of most impressive and most beautiful ranges of Montenegro and for sure also of whole Dinaric Alps. The highest peak of Komovi massif is Kom Kucki (2487 m), placed in the heart of the massif. Kom Kucki is impressive and beautiful from all sides, but most impressive is its N face which looking to Kom Ljevorijecki (2469 m). Southern side of Kom Kucki is very wild with rocky slopes. From this side leads final path to the summit.

Climbing of Kom Kucki is really an extraordinary experience and first class adventure. During that ascent you can see all beauties and diversities of Komovi's amazing nature. From Stavna you'll spend about 5 hours to the summit.

Summit View

Kom Kucki summit viewKom Ljevorijecki & Kom Vasojevicki
Kom Kucki summitKom Kucki summit

Prokletije range from KomoviView to Prokletije

Magnificent KomoviAmazing Kom Kucki

Summit view from the top of Kom Kucki (2487 m) is one of most impressive views from all of peaks of Montenegrin mountains and for sure also of whole Dinaric Alps. Summit view from Kom Kucki is very similar with many beautifully summit views of Julian Alps. Most impressive is view to Stari Vrh (2483 m), Kom Ljevorijecki (2469 m), Kom Vasojevicki (2460 m) and for sure to giant Prokletije massif with its highest peak Maja Jezerce (2694 m).

N: Stari Vrh (2483 m)

NE: Kom Vasojevicki (2460 m)

E: Bavan (2252 m)

W: Durmitor range - Bobotov Kuk (2523 m), Bezimeni Vrh (2487 m), Savin Kuk (2313 m)...

S: Prokletije range - Maja Jezerce (2694 m), Karanfili (2460, 2490, 2441), Maja Brijaset, Djeravica (2656 m)...

SW: Rogamski Vrh (2303 m), Suvovrh (2211 m)

Route Overview

Going to Medjukomlje passGoing to Medjukomlje pass
Going to Kom KuckiSouthern slopes of Kom Kucki
Kom KuckiView to Kom Kucki
On the southern slopes of Kom KuckiOn the slopes of Kom Kucki

Route starting from Eko Katun on Stavna vast plateau. After descending into forest, the path leads belowe SE side of Kom Ljevorijecki (2469 m) and going over beautiful Medjukomlje Pass (2171 m) which is placed belowe W side of Kom Vasojevicki (2460 m). Following route you will go belowe W side of Bavan (2252 m) and comming belowe southern side of Kom Kucki. That's very wild rocky area. From here, following marked path, you will approach Kom Kucki from its left side, from where use of hands is necessary. After 20 minutes of climbing you will come on summit ridge of Kom Kucki. 50 meters before the summit you will find one exposed place on summit ridge where the special attention is necessary. After that, you'll reach the summit of Kom Kucki (2487 m) and enjoy in its many amazing summit panoramas.

Route 1: Stavna plateau (1787 m) - Ljubastica (1569 m)(T1) 45 min - Ljuban (1812 m)(T2) 45 min - Celo Medjukomlja (1860 m)(T2) 30 min - Medjukomlje Pass (2171 m)(T3) 2h - Kom Kucki (2487 m)(T4+T5) 1.30h

Route 2: Carine (1820 m) - Medjukomlje Pass (2171 m)(T3) 1h - Kom Kucki (2487 m)(T4+T5) 1.30h

Getting There

Srednji KomMistical crest of Kom Kucki

Kom Kucki north faceKucki Kom (2487 m)

By plane
Podgorica airport in Montenegro is closest airport to Komovi massif.

By bus
Podgorica - Kolasin - Matesevo - Stavna
Beograd (Belgrade) - Novi Pazar - Berane - Andrijevica - Stavna

By train
Podgorica - Kolasin; Then by bus or car Stavna via Matesevo.
Beograd (Belgrade) - Priboj - Prijepolje - Bijelo Polje - Mojkovac - Kolasin; Then by bus or car to Stavna via Matesevo.

By car
Podgorica - Kolasin - Matesevo - Stavna
Beograd - Novi Pazar - Berane - Andrijevica - Stavna


Eko Katun on StavnaEko Katun on Stavna

Belowe the peaks of KOMOVI massif, on Stavna vasty plateau, you can find "Eko katun Štavna" (Ecological complex of houses for renting). There you have 10 houses for renting. Daily price for renting of one house is 40 Euro/8 Euro per person (each house has 5 beds, livingroom, bathroom and shower with warm water). Also, inside of Eko katun you can use the services of restaurant.

Reservation & Contact

+382 51 243 610
+382 67 512 761
+382 69 043 622

Around the massif of Komovi you can find many beautifully places for private camping in your tent.

Red Tape

No extra fees.



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