Mt Borah - Southwest (Chicken-Out) Ridge

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Mt Borah - Southwest (Chicken-Out) Ridge
Created On: Aug 24, 2011
Last Edited On: Nov 16, 2016

Mt Borah - Southwest (Chicken-Out) Ridge

Chicken-Out Ridge
Mt Borah's south west ridge
Chicken-Out Ridge
I was reluctant to waste any more cartilage on another climb up (no, down) Mt Borah's southwest (Chicken-Out) ridge but had agreed to go on one more trip (#28) with my daughter Anne and her friend Kyndal. Anne and Kyndal have been friends from first grade through their graduation from college in 2010. For most of their senior year in New York City they trained on the 6 floors of stairs in their apartment and after graduating in 2010 they were ready to come home and climb Idaho's highest peak - Mt Borah 12,662'. Due to circumstances beyond our control we had to postpone our trip until this summer - Aug 21, 2011.


Gib Brown's Webcam - Gib's View

ITD US 93 Willow Creek Summit Webcam

NOAA 7-Day Point Forecast for 11,103'

NOTE: Due to the remoteness of this area the webcams may not be operable at all times and that includes cell phones, so plan accordingly.


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Mt Borah - Southwest (Chicken-Out) Ridge

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