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Created On: Aug 13, 2008
Last Edited On: Jan 2, 2010


A white variety ...
Summit of ...
Cross ...
A spruce trunk ...
From Klinovy Vrch...

Jizerske Hory take their name from the Jizera River which is, along a distance between north of Zelezny Kamen Mt. (933m) up to a little NE of Korenov city, a border between Czech Republic and Poland. This really mountain river separates two areas of these mountains, smaller one (30%) with highest mountains in Poland and the second in Czech Republic, distinctly larger (70%) but with lower summits. The Jizera River starts from many springs flowing out on southern slopes of Smrk (1124m) and Stog Izerski (1107m). In Jizerske Hory there are many good roads and paths prepared for cyclists and disabled persons. Polish part called Izerskie Mts. are not so convenient and therefore they persisted more wild. Geologically, the Polish part of these mountains built of granite-gneisses and crystalline slates is older, Jizerske Hory are formed by younger granite outcrops. Jizerske Hory as well as Izerskie Mts. have an original orography in form of round flat summits where many peatbogs were formed during postglacial period (ca 10,000 years). In lower sites there are nice meadows, on slopes beeech-spruce forest dominated, now rather in form of a pure spruce vegetation. After the last forest disaster (1970-1980) spruce forests are improved by introducing different varieties of this tree. In Jizerske Hory there were built artificial lakes (Bedrichov, Josefuv Dul, Sous) supplying adjacent cities (Liberec, Jablonec nad Nissou, Desna, Tanvald) with water. All the territory of these mountains is very snowy, especially in winter/spring period, and, therefore, this area is very proper for skiing – many good ski trails are prepared here.
Pictures presented in this album were taken mainly during my summer one-week trekking through this mountain range in August 2008 but also some older ones are included.

This presentation will be continued.....

I am preparing the Areas&Ranges page for these mountains


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