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Mountain summits in the Jizerske Hory are often flat and covered by rocky outcrops which are composed of ortogneisses (Smrk Mt.), of light crystalline slates called leptinite near Nove Mesto and mainly of granite. Younger geologic formations are created by basalts, e.g. Bukova Hora near Jiretin and Bukovec near the Jizerka village. However, on these flat summits due to cold and moisty climate large peatbogs developed. These natural objects preserved primeval habitats where some glacial relicts grow. The most valuable peatbog is protected in the area of the Izera river springs (Raseliniste Jizery). From two others (Cerna jezirka, Raseliniste Jizerky) a smaller river, Jizerka, collects waters. In the past all the Jizerske Hory were overgrown by the mixed fir-beech forests. Unfortunately, due to an industrial development since the XVIth c. in the form of glassworks these natural forests were cut and now slopes are covered by uniform spruces. In 1970-1980 these artificial forests were almost completely damaged by pollution and subsequent invasion of insects. Such a picture one can see on the summits of Smrk or Jizera Mt. Scattered beech stands are protected in many places in the form of natural reserves, e. g. Jizerskohorske buciny near Bily Potok, Bukovec Mt. near Jizerka, Jizerskohorske buciny on a mountain range Spicak – Strzovy vrch – Polednik – Stolpichy. Below the forests there are beautiful meadows with large herbs like Cirsium, Senecio, Aconitum, Digitalis and Gentiana. Near the past abandoned settlements we can see some ornamental plants or fruit trees, introduced by people. Streams and boulders covered by mosses, lichens and liverworts create an additional nature charm here. At present forests are revitalized by planting new tree species like beech, mountain pine, Sorbus aucuparia, larch and different varieties of spruce.


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