Nevado Ranrapalca (6162m) <small>and Laguna Perolcocha (4864m)</small>

... from the west, from Nevado Jatunmontepuncu (5415m).

A popular alpine crossing goes over the pass to the right of Ranrapalca. The valley on this side is Quebrada Cojup, on the other side it's Quebrada Ishinca. A short trek, connecting these two valleys via this alpine pass, takes three days. If you're in good shape, you can climb Ishinca itself in the process. It's not in this photo, but lies just a little bit further to the right.
There are plenty of possibilities to do much longer treks and cross more high passes. One example would be to start in Quebrada Quilcayhuanca and cross Huapi pass (±5100m) to get to Quebrada Cojup. Huapi is another name for Jatunmontepuncu, and the pass lies southwest of the peak. Originally, I planned to go over the pass and climb Jatunmontepuncu from the Cojup side, which is the normal route, then descend the same way, but as I got closer, I changed my mind and went up directly from Quilcayhuanca. Still, the view from the pass must be about the same as this.

19 June 2011.


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