NY/NE Mountain Fungi & Lichens

NY/NE Mountain Fungi & Lichens

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Fungi (Lichens Too) of New England and New York

While there is already at least one album devoted to "pioneer species", meaning lichens, moss, and fungi, it might be interesting to collect in one place some examples of all the fungi of a particular mountain region.

I've already created albums for the plants and animals of the Northeast US, now it's time that the third Kingdom of life had its own album.
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So, here's an album for all the fungi of New Hampshire's White Mountains, Vermont's Greens, New York's Adirondacks and Catskills, Massachusetts' Berkshires (which stretch into Connecticut), the border-spanning Taconics, and the various ranges of Maine. The goal is to create a complete visual catalogue, spanning alpine, transitional, and forest zones.

Since lichens consist of both plants and fungi, they could go into either album. I'd prefer they be included here, since they are named for their fungal component.

Just so we're concentrating on mountain fungi photos should be taken above, say, 3,000 feet above sea level.

When submitting to this album, please include in the caption both common name and species name, if possible, and the location and date of the photo, for easier searching.

I myself have no clue as to the classification of many of the fungi I photograph, so if any mycologist can help, please do - I'll make you co-owner of this album and you can reap valuable SP points.

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