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Eastern Sierra Storm

Mt Francis Farquhar from Sphinx Lakes

The Montgomery summit crew

Looking back across the first third of the Langley summit approach from Army Pass

Looking East from Tioga Pass

The North American Wall on El...

Map showing the second part...

Mid-September evening...

david baker

Mt. Whitney as seen from...

Tuolumne River-Lembert Dome

view from the top of Mount Dana, 07/18/2007

Bear Creek

Mt. Whitney summit is comming

Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead....

alpenglow on Middle Palisade,...

Ascending along base of cliff above glacier

Chicken Springs Lake Traverse

Its deep

Manly Summit Block

Death Valley

Humphreys in orange, seen...

Conness East Ridge

View of Mt. Dana whilst...

After Trail Crest

conness lakes, 07/19/2007

Bull Run Peak 05-25-2009

Son heading up cables

David Hickey Leading On South Face (Moro Rock, Sequoia NP)

El Capitan from El Capitan...

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Viewing: 61-90 of 13668