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The Rock Gardens

Alabama Mountain Ridge

Me on Pulpit Rock

Pink Flower

Cheaha Mountain

Cheaha Mountain -- The Observation Tower (1999)

Cheaha Mountain -- a winter view from the observation tower (1999)

Bald Rock

view from Pulpit Rock

A map from I-20 Exit 191 to...

Pulpit Rock

view from Pulpit Rock

Blake at Bald Rock

me below Pulpit Rock

me on Pulpit Rock

hanging out near Bald Rock

moccasins at Pulpit Rock

rapping to the Rock Gardens

me on Pulpit Rock

sunset at Cheaha

lower primitive campground at Cheaha

climbing out a roof

hauling gear to the Rock Gardens

Overview of Cheaha State Park.

A group of church kids...

setting up on top of the Rock Gardens

The local rangers don't even...

trying to warm up above the Rock Gardens

scouting the cliffs above the Rock Gardens

setting ropes above the Rock Gardens

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Viewing: 1-30 of 158