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Looking Down from the summit of Raki on Arapi

Last move of Raki on Arapi

Mt Arapit and Theth Valley

Arapit South Face

Mt. Arapit's North-East Buttress

Araapit and Stogut from Maja Shala

Arapit and Stogut from Maja Shala

Radohimes Group and Arapit from Thethi 9-year School

Arapit from Okel

To the top of Arapit

Arapit's North East Buttress

Carst formations on Arapit

The Shala Valley from Arapit's South Shoulder

Mount Jezerca, Popluqes and Alijes

Zoom photo of Chris Hupe and Daniel Wilhelm in the roofed band

Roofed Band - Climbers still visible

Roofed Band in the Middle of the Wall

The whole wall from base camp

Gerhard Duro from Tirana

Raki on Arapi Photo - Topo

John Ely makes the 3rd pitch face move (10a)

John Ely jugging the first pitch

Jumaring at 100 meters height

Arapit North East Side

Arapit and Peja Pass from Theth

Arapit South Face Master's Route Topo Part One

Arapit South Face Master's Route Topo Part Two

Mt. Arapit from Thore Pass

Arapit North Face

Approach to 'Raki on Arapi'

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Viewing: 1-30 of 3768