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Huesca, Spain, Europe
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Spring, Summer, Fall
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A long day
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5.1 (YDS)

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Created On: Aug 5, 2008
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CarriataCarriata's entry

One of the most interesting routes to climb the Gabietos is from the parking of Pradera de Ordesa because the places are nice and very different in each zone. The route is long with a very important slope.

Time to summit: 6h
Slope to gain: 1800m.

Getting There

See the main page to approach to Pradera de Ordesa.

Route Description

Routes to Gabietos

On the parking we'll return a few of meters to the path of Faja de las Flores / Carriata. The path is evident and bring us to the access of the cirque in the Clavijas de Carriata. After the climb we'll leave on right side the route of Faja de las Flores and we'll arrive to plain of Aguas Tuertas crossing the river. Afer a little ascensió we'll reach a col before the descent to plains of Salarons. The path dissapear in many places but we’ll follow lightly to right searching the best itinerary on the middle of the valle between Gabietos (left) and Taillon (right) to ascent to col of Gabietos.
At the col of Gabietos we'll turn to left (West) across a narrow ridge (I or I+, generally with the posibility of border the ridge across a few of narrow repises on left side of the ridge). Finally we'll can attach the first summit across a very easy path with a lot of small stones to appear on left side of the summit. A very easy climb (F) bring us to the nice summit of Gabieto Oriental (East, 3031m) with spectacullar view of Taillon and the main summit.
To reach the main summit the best option is a little descent across the same path of ascension turning after 20 meters to right. If we'll go across the ridge we'll find a section of P.D.inf (II) to descent. Under the ridge we'll search some repises to arrive to the bottom of main peak and across a path we'll reach the final cone. The access to the summit of Gabieto Occidental (West, 3034m) is across a repise on North side (exposed but easy, F).

Essential Gear

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