Custom Footbeds


Custom Footbeds
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SOLE Ultra is designed for footwear with removable insoles. Made for applications where shock protection is critical, the SOLE Ultra cushioning footbed comes with 3.2mm of our shock absorbing material, SOFTEC. SOLE Ultra also provides excellent custom support.

• Offers a personalized, custom fit and genuine comfort all day long

• Great for running shoes, cross trainers, hiking boots and work boots

• Relieves pain & soreness from flat feet, bunions, back and knee pain, and plantar fasciitis



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Dow Williams - Aug 2, 2005 2:09 pm - Voted 5/5

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To avoid surgical excision of Plantar Fibromas in my right foot, I have used these now for about 3 years. If you buy 6 pair, you get 2 free which comes to $30 US or Canadian per pair. I refuse to pay the big bucks for someone to basically heat an orthodic to fit my foot, when I can heat these insoles and do it myself. It has definitely bought me a few more years before needing this surgery, which is extremely invasive. They are to thick for running shoes. I only use them in my mountaineering and scrambling boots. Cheers!

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