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Mountain Madness. Scott Fischer, Mount Everest & A Life Lived On High
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Mountain Madness. Scott Fischer, Mount Everest & A Life Lived On High

Mountain Madness. Scott Fischer, Mount Everest & A Life Lived On High

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Object Title: Mountain Madness. Scott Fischer, Mount Everest & A Life Lived On High

Manufacturer: Robert Birkby

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Book Summary

"Mountaineer Scott Fischer and outdoors expert Birkby were friends and trekking companions from their 1982 meeting until Fischer's tragic, controversial death on a 1996 expedition up Everest, leading a tour group from his Mountain Madness adventure travel business (from which his clients all descended safely). Combining his memories with those of Fischer's family, friends, fellow mountaineers and other alumni of the National Outdoor Leadership School in Lander, Wyo., where Fischer worked, Birkby chronicles Fischer from his New Jersey childhood through his years teaching with NOLS, his drive to perfect his skills and reach the highest peaks, and the struggles to establish his travel company.

The obsession indicated by the title is what Birkby most wrestles with, attempting to understand the passion that drove Fischer higher and higher; especially in his climbing scenes, Birkby succeeds in illuminating the power mountains can exert over the human soul. He's also adept at capturing powerful ties of love and friendship, of which Fischer had plenty; his charisma, charm and open embrace of adventure suffuse the narrative." Publishers Weekly.


Price: $16.95/paperback

Paperback: 342 pages

Author: Robert Birkby

Publisher: Citadel Press

Year Published: 2009

Language: English

ISBN: 978-0-8065-2876-2



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silversummitI know some will disagree!

Voted 3/5

Yes, I'm sure some will disagree with my vote on this book.

What did I learn about Scott Fischer from this book that I didn't already know from reading several other books and seeing the movie "Into Thin Air"? Well, I read quite a bit about his early years as a student and instructor at NOLS which greatly influenced the formation of his strong belief in safety first as a standard in mountaineering. I learned about his old climbing injuries and how they continually impacted his outdoor activities later in life. I read about his wife and family and the founding of a business that eventually spread to two continents yet was never really properly organized. I read about so many examples of his crazy ideas and impulsive behavior that I was amazed his wife stayed married to him especially since it seemed they were always broke and he was always away with the guys.

At least for me, all these problematic loose ends hung there as ghosts and I felt that Scott was almost jinxed unable to live up to the iconic figure he was portrayed to be.

But read the book yourself and see!

Posted Aug 13, 2010 10:09 pm

Andrew Rankinedecent

Voted 3/5

This book is alright, but a bit boring and nothing special. I bit unbelievable. But most of all...don't spend a ton of time on Everest in 1996!
Posted Jan 9, 2012 12:25 pm

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