One Step in the Clouds. An omnibus of mountaineering novels and short stories


One Step in the Clouds. An omnibus of mountaineering novels and short stories
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Object Title One Step in the Clouds. An omnibus of mountaineering novels and short stories
Manufacturer Compiled by Audrey Salkeld and Rosie Smith
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Book Summary

From the dust-jacket:

"For many years, the genre of mountaineering fiction has been has been overshadowed by accounts of real-life adventures. Despite this, the amount of mountaineering fiction in North America and in Europe has grown dramatically in the past two decades. One Step in the Clouds is the first collection of exclusively fictionalized accounts of this complex sport and it includes work from many of the best writers in the field."

"The thirty-one short stories come from writers as varied as Guy de Maupassant, Anne Sauvy, and M. John Harrison, author of the award-winning novel, Climbers, a chapter of which is included here. Also included are four different novels that cover extremely different parts of the landscape. Among them are Elizabeth Coxhead's One Green Bottle, which examines the consequences to a woman's life when she begins her self-exploration through climbing in Britain in the 1950's, and the first publication of Canadian David Harris's Vortex, a murder mystery that follows the fate of two contemporary climbers in the North Cascades who discover an airplane wreck containing a shipment of illegal drugs. In addition to these, are two novellas and one play. All have alpine themes but fans of science fiction, romance and farce will all find something to satisfy themselves."

Click on the second image below for a list of stories and authors.

Also included in this book are:

---An Introduction to mountaineering fiction worthy of thesis publication
---An Appendix - Bibliography of Mountain Fiction which includes:
short stories, novels, drama and films
---A section on the contributing authors (backgrounds, publications etc.)

Product Details

Price: $25.00/hardbound

Paperback: 1056 pages

Author: Compiled by Audrey Salkeld and Rosie Smith

Publisher: Sierra Club Books

Year Published: 1990

Language: English

ISBN: 0-87156-638-9



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silversummit - Aug 13, 2010 11:15 pm - Voted 5/5

Here's a book to keep around!
I pick this book up whenever I have any time to read. Over the past few months I have only managed to read maybe 20 of the 31 stories and enjoyed all but a couple. Depending upon how much time I have I pick a short story or a novella. And while definitely too heavy to throw into your backpack it can become your couch companion. I will hate to finish this book!

While I did enjoy the highly acclaimed "One Green Bottle" and "Vortex", the tale that really got to me was "Like Water and Like Wind", a novella by David Roberts, the climber/writer and author of "The Mountain of My Fear" and "Deborah". Definitely do not skip this one!

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