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Product Description

Cumulus Panyam 450

Down sleeping bag — Cumulus Panyam 450 — I’ve bought nearly a year ago, before making a pretty thorough researches, among other light, 3-seasons down sleeping bags on the market. So far I tested this sleeping bag during multi-days trips in Polish mountains (spring, autumn and winter) and during the six-week expedition to the north-eastern India (mountains of Arunachal Pradesh). Tests are ongoing , and I’m sending my critics to Cumulus company hoping that they will be included in the production of new models.

Below I present my subjective feelings about the use of the Cumulus Panyam 450.

Parameters of the sleeping bag by. manufacturer:

weight: 830 g

down weight: 450 g

goose down 96/4, min. 850 cuin

Max user height: 190 cm

width of the up / down: 80/50 cm

comfortable minimum temperature - 7 ° C

container volume of 5.5 dm3

Construction: Trapezoid chambers

internal fabric. and ext.: Pertex Quantum (weighing approximately 30g/m2)

independently filled with down sleeping bag bottom and top

YKK length 175 cm with two self-locking zippers

lock to the left or right side

can be combined with any other sleeping bag, also with other models

locking down the tunnel insulating

inner collar with elastic cord with stopper

spatially shaped hood with a cord with stopper

pocket inside the sleeping bag

extra large bag to store sleeping bag at home


Cumulus Panyam 450 is made entirely of popular fabric used in feather sleeping bags as well as clothing, Pertex Quantum. Construction of the sleeping bag is entirely based on the trapezoidal chambers. It seems that the powder is evenly distributed in all parts of the sleeping bag (up, down, around the legs and hood). Goose down is used with values min. 850 cui and the ratio of down to feather 96/4, which certainly has an impact on the good thermic.

From inside there is a warm strip locking collar contracted with a string and a small pocket for small items (no velcro). There is also included a small (probably about 2liters capacity) transport bag, and a large storage bag for keeping sleeping bag at home, partly combined with mesh material for better air circulation.

I must emphasize the extremely light weight sleeping bag - only about 850 grams with a transport bag, which is really excellent result considering what we get in return.


I’ve slept at temperatures between-10C and +15 C, both in an atmosphere of high and low humidity. Comfort is provided by the manufacturer to-7C, and it seems that these values are even slightly too low. In any case warm of sleeping bag IMO is very good.

Down is distributed very well in the chambers, and intelligently designed hood enhances sleeping comfort, especially in conditions of cold and rainy weather – you can be hidden in the sleeping bag completely, leaving only a small hole for breathing. Sleeping bag is quite narrow, especially around the feet and waist, which reflected positively on its thermal comfort (not reheated body of unnecessary free space in a sleeping bag).


Panyam 450 is made of Pertex Quantum outer fabric. In practice it works very well, meeting the two basic functions - do not pass down from sleeping bag to the outside and is extremely pleasant to the touch. This type of Pertex also dries fairly quickly, so drying wet sleeping bag on the air only lasts a short while, and the material is sufficiently resistant to moisture.

The same filling of sleeping bag is high quality and has lost none of its properties after 10 months of use. The stitches are formed evenly and thoroughly, and shape of the ventricles causes only minimal migration down in a sleeping bag that can easily be eliminated. Panyam 450 has smart thermal collar that stops the passage of cold from outside to inside a sleeping bag at the neck, and a similar feature that prevents the entry of cold air by zipper - down-filled strip sewn along the entire length of the lock.

ADVANTAGES OF CUMULUS Panyam 450 Sleeping Bag

Good quality (including high-quality down)
Good thermals
Thoughtful and practical style
Resistance to humidity
Weighs less than 900 gram
Small size after packing to transport bag
The price below $300
FAULTS OF CUMULUS Panyam 450 Sleeping Bag

Occasionally jamming zipper
Impractical string instead of rubber bands used to bind the hood

Cumulus Panyam 450 meets my expectations. In his class does not have many competitors when it comes to quality, and probably none when it comes to contact with the customer, which is at a very high level. Personal Service allows you to choose the color, printing on a sleeping bag and its size.

If minor defects will be removed Cumulus company will be able to easily compete with the greatest potentates of the market in Europe and the USA.

You can buy it only here :


In his class does not have many competitors when it comes to quality, and probably none when it comes to contact with the customer, which is at a very high level.


Good quality (including high-quality down)
Weighs less than 900 gram
The price below 300$
Small size after packing to transport bag
Resistance to humidity

Occasionally jamming zipper
Impractical string instead of rubber bands used to bind the hood



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