Quad Cams


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Wired Bliss Cams are and always have been among the most trusted SLCD's on the market. In 1984 Wired Bliss shocked the climbing world with their introduction of the original TCU, or the tri-cam unit. At that moment the way climbers viewed crack climbing would forever be changed. What was once thought too shallow or thin is now do-able. What was once hammered is now clean. Wired Bliss cams employ rotating eyes, which prevent undue stress to the units' axle and body. Flexible U-shaped construction offers ease of placement, allowing the user to employ one, two, or three finger operation.

Jared Ogden had this to say about Wired Bliss Cams during his ascent of the Nameless Tower in Pakistan. "Our Wired Bliss Cams proved to be functional in very extreme conditions. We were hanging it out on iced-up cracks to funky flaring flakes that creeked and flexed under our weight. Wired Bliss Cams were never frozen shut, and endured severe punishment. They never failed in durability of function in over twenty days on the wall."


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