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Essentially mini SLCD's, these amazing little units live for shallow thin splitters and odd shaped flares. Unlike other sliders on the market, Tech Nuts don't weld, making them easy to both place and clean. Flexible protected cable allows Tech Nuts to be placed horizontally and prevents walking. They are color-coded for quick identification on route and come in 6 size configurations. An essential piece of hardware for the competent climber looking to fill the holes in his rack.


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JScoles - Sep 8, 2003 2:50 pm - Voted 5/5

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I have had a pair of these for a while now. A large one I picked up as some booty on a trip to the Adirondacks on rainy Sunday and the smallest one I picked up through an old on-line promotion.

They are a nice piece of kit sort of a cross between a nut and a cam. They excel in very thin, shallow cracks where other cams will not fit as well they will fit anywhere else a regular cam will go, and they always feel quite solid.

I do find that the trigger is a little small and the action is very firm so you need to use two fingers to place it though I never found this to be a problem.

They can also be used as a piece of passive pro by simply using them on their side. This does expands your rack a little, as they are wider on the side. I could see this coming in handy after a long pitch and all you have left is a few of these and the crack is too wide for the cam. At least it gives you more options.

They can be use in both horizontal and vertical cracks. I do find that their short length and stiffness makes it imperative that you add a sling or a draw on the end to stop them from rotating out. I haven’t noticed that they walk in like Fiends and other cams.

A good addition to any Aid rack as they are very well built with the wires protected from dirt and abuse by a good plastic sheath. They will stand up to years of abuse and are great in the thin little crap that aid climbers love.

As for a regular trad rack they are useful but they very easy to over-place when compared to regular cams so they might not be a good choice for a novice. A fall sets them very hard but fortunetly they do not deform and so have a much longer life.

If you trad climb in an area with many thin shallow cracks they would be worth the investment otherwise you might find them sitting on you rack unused most of the time. I will still give them 5 stars as they are very good at what they do and are not too expensive.

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