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These popular backpacking boots now feature new Vibram® outsoles for better traction, plus an improved tongue.

Dual-density carbon rubber Vibram® outsoles have a new lug pattern for better traction uphill and down, plus increased mud clearing .

Padded ankle collars and padded, gusseted tongues have an improved shape to prevent shifting over forefoot .

Breathable full-grain nubuck leather uppers feature one-piece construction for durable support and easier waterproofing.

Waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex® booties keep feet dry and comfortable, no matter what the weather .

Polyurethane midsoles are designed with more rocker for a smooth stride; full-length nylon shanks add stability and shock absorption.

Cambrelle® linings in front wick away moisture; leather lining in heels helps boots conform to the shape of your feet .

Built-in rubber rands add protection from water and trail hazards; rubber toe caps add durability .

Average weight-3lbs 10oz.


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rcorby2 - May 19, 2002 7:09 am - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
These boots are excellent! Unbelievably, they felt broke in after just two 6-mile hikes-they are very comfortable! I have used these boots while carrying loads ranging from 30-45lbs and feel they offer great foot and ankle support. Also, I have used them in temperatures ranging from 20deg-70deg and ground conditions ranging from clear well defined paths to waist deep snow. They have performed exceptionally well, keeping my feet warm in the snow and relatively cool in the warmer environments. The only thing I am skeptical about is the new elastic lace eye located in the mid-ankle region. Although I haven’t had any problems yet, I am worried that some day the elastic part will be the first to wear out. The interior sole doesn't feal very soft to the touch, but after numerous 12 mile hikes on hard ground with a 45lb load my feat have felt great.

GreenNerve - Feb 18, 2003 6:45 pm - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
These may be the only shoes of any kind I’ve ever used that fit around my foot without any feeling of seams, wrinkles or other irregularities. Maybe that’s something that’s expected in truly expensive boots but I wouldn’t know as I am very reluctant to spend big money on something that is certain to wear out.

They are probably not the warmest boots around. But, I think they’re quite adequate. I like to minimize the amount of sweat on my feet even at the expense of reducing other comfort factors, so this is probably a good balance in temperature.

The “elastic lace eye” mentioned by another reviewer is, I believe, nylon and will probably be okay through the limited life of a boot. Mine may be slightly newer (or older?) and doesn’t have this on it.

farkenclimbin - Feb 12, 2004 8:47 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
These boots are great. I bought them a week before my hiking trip in Glacier. I wore them for a week and then off on my 25 mile adventure. I had 50lbs on my back and had no problems. the only thing that may be better is a higher arch (thats just my feet, though). I use an insert and the boot is absolutely perfect for me. I highly recomend spending the money on the boots.

The Defiant One - Mar 28, 2005 10:29 pm - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
These are the best boots I've ever owned. I bought them 2 years ago and have put around 300 miles on them. I will probably resole soon. They are by far, the most comfortable boots i've ever worn. The goretex has kept my feet dry consistently. I will likely buy another pair of these and keep in the closet in case REI stops making them. I think they are made my Raichle, a great boot company. I've carried heavy loads with these and put down 30 miles in a day with no blisters or sore spots. These deserve 6 stars.

Turbo - Apr 1, 2005 10:49 pm - Voted 5/5

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Before I put my feet in these boots I thought it was normal to get a blister or two on an extended backpack trip. I've been using them for the last year and I have yet to get a blister. The fact that they are incredibly water proof is also a big plus for me since I do most of my hiking in the often wet Pacific Northwest. I've found these boots to be excellent, whether hiking a short distance or staying out for a week or two. I usually carry about 35 lbs. with me when I backpack and these boots are great. Having a Raichle boot with an REI label on it sure doesn't do any harm either!

pfginsr - Jul 26, 2005 6:13 pm - Voted 5/5

Untitled Review
These boots are without a doubt the best boots I have ever owned. They are extremely comfortable to wear. They feel more like slippers on my feet rather than heavy duty hiking boots. They were extremely easy to break-in it which was plus as after my previous pair had ripped apart unexpectedly I needed a new pair rather quickly. There are no sore spots anywhere on my feet after a hard day of hiking and I have no concern about blistering. They are extremely waterproof and water leakage is of no concern. These boots definitely deserve a 5 star rating and all of the users who state how well these are made are absolutely correct. You could state the case that 5 stars is not enough! If you need a good backpacking boot you can't go wrong with these and your purchase is well worth the money for these expensive boots.

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