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This is a technical boot that includes a shopping list of features including:

* Unique ankle design features a flexible cuff that improves the foot's natural movement and flex, helping maintain the boot close to the leg

* Adjustable instep lacing that allows you to personalize the fit around the cuff of the boot with variable lacing options for cinching down heels

* Adjustable tongue accomodates different foot volumes for a wide range of fit

* Unique Achilles collar features graduated padding in three different densities, assuring comfort during descents and for French Technique

* Water-resistant 8mm nubuck leather uppers, with waterproof booties and Thinsulate™ linings

* Spring-loaded top lace hooks

* Lightweight insoles feature a nylon/Kevlar® weave, with aluminum backing and a felt top for warmth

* Full nylon midsoles are completely rigid and feature a dual-density toe area to absorb shock during front point

* Low-profile outsoles enhance sensitivity and precision on the trail; lightweight EVA heel plugs absorb shock; step-in crampon compatible

* Vibram® Kommandos rubber outsoles features self-cleaning lugs, with undercut heels for improved braking


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Glencoe - Dec 17, 2002 6:22 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
These are really nice boots, but I couldn't get excited enough about them to part with money. I should stress that I haven't field tested these boots but I gave 'em a pretty thorough analysis over a couple of days of indoor testing.

The thing that started putting me off these boots was the sales person telling me they were styled by Pininfarina, the product design geniuses that trick out Ferraris. That is when I started to think there was more hype than substance in them. At the end of the day I don't think these boots merit the enormous price tag when compared with similar boots.

The features they have over, for example, Sportiva Nepal Extremes, are almost entirely cosmetic. Things like fancy styled lace hooks, cosmetic collar detailing and (for crying out loud) shock absorbing bumpers in the crampon lugs, simply aren't worth spending money on. When you look at the fact that these are constructed from inferior leather to the Sportivas the comparisons start to wane and I had to wonder why these are the most expensive leather boot on the market. I think they intend to attract people that will buy the most expensive item regardless of quality.

Don't get me wrong, these aren't bad boots. They just aren't that good. And by that I mean $430.

FYI - they fit very narrow indeed. These are great for people with narrow feet who crave a climbing shoe feel. The edging platform is nimble and the whole boot profile is agile. The collar and heel construction is very good, especially if you have a low volume heel or crave that gym slipper feel in the back.

The lacing system is over complicated and is difficult to futz with while wearing gloves (or without for that matter). The heat reflecting insole is just hype because you can buy one from Spenco for peanuts and put in any boot.

In short a good boot dressed up with unecessary fashion extras and an overinflated price, but it might be the best boot for you if your extra narrow feet sink into it just right.

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