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 Spelegyca Lanyard
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Object Title Spelegyca Lanyard
Manufacturer Petzl
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Page Type Jan 28, 2008 / Jan 28, 2008
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Product Description

This asymmetric double lanyard is designed especially for connecting a person to a rope clamp or horizontal lifeline, and for passing intermediate anchor points. It is particularly suited for canyoneering uses. There are two strands of different length. Locking carabiners go on each end and are held firmly in place by the Petzl Strings. This lanyard is attached to the harness by a rapid link. Canyoneering uses would include use as a safety tether, clipping to a guideline or dangling a pack.

Product Features

Construction: Static webbing

Length of short arm of lanyard: 32 cm

Length of long arm of lanyard: 58 cm

Static breaking load: 22kN

Retail Price: $27.95

Attachment to harness with Rapid Link



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Augie Medina - Jan 28, 2008 4:58 pm - Voted 5/5

Multiple Uses
This piece of personal protective equipment is top of the line as a safety tether for canyoneering. It is very convenient to have two strands of differing length at the ready. Besides clipping into anchors, the long strand is a good length for ascending. If you like to rappel with your device extended, the short strand is a convenient length. When you’re already clipped into the anchor with your long strand, you can offer a partner approaching the anchor a speedy clip-in point by having them clip to your short strand. I’m sure the uses go on and on.

Put a locking carabiner at the end of each strand using the Petzl String , attach the lanyard to your harness with a rapide, and you’re ready to go. I switched to the Spelegcya after having used the Imlay Clipster for awhile as well as safety tethers made with slings.

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