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The Stickpic

The Stickpic is a small white plastic ring with threads on the top with which you can screw your small point-and-shoot digital camera, Flipcam, camcorder, and even a large SLR digital camera onto. Once you've attached the camera to the Stickpic, you then slip the ring over the end of your hiking pole to capture fantastic images you can take of yourself while hiking.

The Stickpic

It's fantastic for solo hikers that want to extend their "arms" out to distances where you can truly take sweeping vista-type pictures.


There aren't too many features with the Stickpic. It comes in a number of sizes based on your brand of hiking pole. It doesn't quite secure as tightly as I would like, but I've used it in windy conditions, and haven't had any issues. I used it to film myself as I hiked, and it allowed me to see the entire area behind me much better than if I just held my Flipcam out at arm's length.

You can find it for roughly $12 online. It's a great little invention for taking great pics while hiking! As of right now, you can find it at



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