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Synchro Ziplock
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From the manufacturer's web site

Syncro Ziplock - Big, beefy and as great as ever!

A modern classic, and always subject to rave reviews the Syncro carries its hardcore credentials well and when we re-made it usng the Elite principles we made sure this wasn't lost. And though it gets a shiny new look it's feel and features back it up as a great multi-featured and multi-faceted all rounder.

Syncro territory - a member of a 2004 dutch expedition tops-out in Patagonia wearing his Syncro (previous model)

And although this new Syncro has been adapted, it nevertheless retains the ‘beefy’ approach that makes it a superb load carrier and a great all season tool. Incredibly if anything, a new 'double back pad' has actually added support and in a clever way; with a full strength, clippable section - great for winter belays

Additional clever touches, like the new 10kN Accessory Loops for instance, give even more adaptability - for ice screw clips or much more, while the abundant gear loops, 7 on both models, allow monster wall loads to be endured.

The classic double buckle waist means it’s always centred if you want to add or take away layers and the simplicity of Ziplocks (now on legs and waist) means the Syncro is quicker and easier to fit than ever – even when fully loaded.

So with a wide waist belt, all the newest high strength Wild Country features, and in two simple to fit sizes only, this monster covers from 26" to 44" giving amazing flexiblity and performance – for men and women.

So if you're looking for one tool to do it all; in winter, summer, walling or guiding then look no further - as always the Syncro is it!!!

Personal experience

I have owned this harness for little over a year and I have mixed feelings about it. The quality of construction is superb, the materials used are extremely durable and I believe there is no other harness on the market with the same features. 7 gear loops, 10 kn hauling loops, double waist buckle, well padded throughout, water-absorption resistant, 25 kn belay loop and much more make this harness a hard one to beat. When it comes to fit and comfort, the harness does not fit me very well, and I'm not sure if it is because of my body frame or because of its design. I can never get the waist belt to stay above my hips the same way the rear does. The leg loops pull the belay loop lower despite having the leg loops fully loose. It feels like the belay loop was designed to fit lower than other harnesses'. This becomes particularly annoying when racking on the harness with extra layers on, because it always feel like the harness wants to come off. Another downside of this harness is that is doesn't fold very well, so stowing inside the backpack is always difficult and it does take quite a bit of space.


I am not sure if I would buy this harness again, but if fits you well as any harness is supposed to, then it's probably one of the best harnesses on the market and you should seriously consider it. Make sure you try it on and weigh it down with some extra layers before buying it.



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