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The latest and most advanced addition to the world's best selling line of SLR cameras, the new EOS Rebel G is fully automatic, ultra compact, quiet and comes equipped with a built-in retractable flash. It features a high-speed selectable 3-point autofocus system with A1 Focus for improved performance, and Canon's exclusive AIM (Advanced Integrated Multi-Point) control system which links Rebel G's three-point autofocus to multi-zone metering for available light and flash. Offering 11 exposure modes (Full Auto to metered manual with indicator) plus Multiple Exposure, Exposure Compensation and Auto Exposure Bracketing, it has an enhanced Command Dial for operating mode selection, and is fully compatible with Canon's complete line of EF autofocus lenses and EOS System Specialties, including Battery Pack BP-8, Grip Tripod GR-80TP and Remote Switch RS-60E3. New features like Auto Exposure Bracketing (in 1/2 stop increments up to ± 2 stops) and E-TTL Autoflash (enables high-speed synch for automatic fill flash), and improvements like better control of Red-Eye Reduction, the In-Focus Beeper and the Auto Exposure (AE) Lock make the EOS Rebel G the most advanced Rebel yet.


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pjc30943 - Mar 9, 2004 1:53 am - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
Right away, here is why this camera only recieves four stars: lack of depth-of-field preview, lack of a second control dial, and cramped tiny buttons.

We should not forget that this is pretty much an entry-level camera, so miracles and built-in salad bars shouldn't be expected.

Let's start with the positives. The Rebel G is very light. It sports a strong plastic case which reduces the weight but is really quite robust except during obvious carelessness.
The stock lens that comes with it, a 28-80 or 35-80mm, is not exceptional, but is pretty good comparing it to other stock 28/35-80 lenses: the colors can be quite good even on automatic mode.
The mode control dial is well laid out and easy to use. There are a fair number of manual and auto exposure modes to cover many situations.
The viewfinder, viewfinder indicators, and LCD are well laid out.
The battery life is not very good, but fine for the average person who may only shoot a roll or two per month. It is nowehere near the claimed 80 rolls _without_ flash, or 30 _with_ flash.
I found about 15-20 rolls of 1/3 flash usage called for a low battery signal. It really seems to vary from camera to camera. The batteries are expensive, but really I can't complain since I only shoot about 2-3 rolls per month and replace a tad less than once per year (not too bad) even during cold-weather shooting .
The simplest automatic mode really does a pretty good job for everyday, bright situations. Even at night it has caught some really cool scenes when I didn't have time to set manually.

-First, lack of depth-of-field preview. This really would make this camera a killer if it had it!

-Next, that annoying auto-light used for focusing can NOT be turned off for auto modes or auto focusing! Or maybe it can, and the manual doesn't show how. This is unbelievable how many times it gets in the way. It turns on even during normal lighting, drawing attention to the camera when least desirable, and draining batteries. I have a piece of black electrical tape over the light and that fixes it, but sheesh... :)

-The one control thumbwheel is very awkward, especially when holding down the "shift" button. It is really hard to do both at the same time with the same hand due to the clumsy layout. A second control wheel would have solved this problem.

-The shift and exposure lock buttons, for example, and very small and recessed. Forget using even fleece-gloved hands! At least for me, anyways.

Bottom line: It's entry-level. For the price, it is _well_ worth it, if you can find it on sale especially. With depth-of-field preview, it would be a clear purchase choice, but it doesn't have it. Given the choice again, I probably wouldn't get this camera for that reason; but I never regretted having this camera after I bought it. It has proven reliable and taken many great summit photos.
One piece of advice: get an aftermarket lens to increase performance greatly. That would be a very nice combination.

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