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Location Lat/Lon: 47.00000°N / 14.83300°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 7175 ft / 2187 m
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Pack Alps topo mapDetailed topographic map of the Pack Alps
Pack Alps position inside the  Eastern AlpsPack Alps inside the Eastern Alps
Pack Alps (Packalpe) Mountains  are 30 km (19 miles) long and just over 10 km wide mountain range in the Lavanttal Alps.
The  highest peak is Ameringkogel (2187 m).

Together with the adjacent  Stubalpe, The Pack Alps form the only part of the Lavanttal Alps
which spans  in the direction north-south rather then west to  east.

This small ridge of the Eastern Alps has moderately steep slopes with grassy tops,
 a cross and a register coffer on all main summits.
It is also the frontier ridge between two Austrian provinces, Styria and Carinthia.

All paths are clearly marked with white-red dabs of paint,
and common yellow waymarks.
It is chiefly hiking area,
with the exception of Rappoldkogel southern ridge,
which offers short 15 minutes easy scramble over the rocks.

Austrian long distance trail #05 (Weitwanderweg 05)
runs through the Pack Alps from  north to the south
(Lärchkogel - Speikkogel - Gleinalpenhaus - Gaberl - Hirschegger Alpe - Pack portion).

Whole range is highly esteemed as winter ski tour area
- main ski tour paths are marked with long iron poles.

Pack Alps boundaries:
- Packalpe valley bordering the Lavant river valley (Lavanttal)
  and Obdacher passes in the west
- the Mura River in the north
- Gleinalpe on the north-east
  and the the Packsattel pass in the south.

Main trailheads:
Pack (saddle)
Located at 1169 m above sea level, The Pack or Pack Saddle Pass
is a transition from Lavanttal valley in Carinthia into southern Styria.

Hirschegger saddle -  an old mountain pass, that once upon a time
served as stage  during the transport of saltfrom the Salzkammergut region.
These days, this is is where Salzstieglhaus hut is located.
From here, Speikkogel and Rappoldkogel summits are reached with short hikes.
Remaining main summits of Pack Alps are, basically,
ridge continuation from Speikkogel to Großenberg.

Main Summits

Pack Alps main summits,  following the range span (NW to SE)

Peak name

Elevation (metres / feets)

Latitude / Longitude


(2152 m / 7060 ft)

47.057917 / 14.845472


(2187 m / 7175 ft)

47.071139 / 14.808278


(2160 m / 7087 ft)

47.066861 / 14.809806


(2040 m / 6693 ft)

47.061528 / 14.82325


(1993 m 6539 ft)

 47.057917 / 14.845472


(1928 m / 6325 ft)

47.083944 / 14.883556

Peterer Riegel 

(1967 m / 6453 ft)

 47.040833  / 14.846667

Hirschegger Alpe

(1933 m / 6342 ft)

47.026111 / 14.856111



Getting There

Most convinient and exercised trailheads are Hirschegg and Pack.
The Southern Motorway (A2), is one of the largest infrastructures in Austria (Klagenfurt - Graz - Vienna).
In snowy winters or in peak summer one may expect traffic jams and congestion.
Road access mapRoad map
Panoramic mapPanoramic overview map
  • getting there by car:
    From Vienna, Graz or Klagenfurt,  motorway A2 exit Modriach,
    follow the roadsigns for Hirschegg and Salzstiegl. (Hirschegger saddle).
    Last portion of the road to Salzstiegl is dirt road, about to be paved in near future.
    Coming down the Semmering  highway S36
    From Vienna, Graz or Klagenfurt,
    via  Zeltweg and Möbersdorf.
    For Pack, from Vienna, Graz or  Klagenfurt  A2 motorway exit Pack.

  • by coach/bus:
    Linie 12 Koflach-(Hirschegg)-(Modriach)-Pack-Koflach  - Verbund linie 722

  • by train:
    With ÖBB one can get as far as  Zeltweg,
    Austrian Railways

  • by plain:
    Nearest airport is Graz international.
    Serving low-cost carriers as well.


Pack Alps routes from the Bernstein hutBernstein hut with routes
Salzstieglhaus with main paths from the hutSalzsttiegl hut with routes
Main huts in the area:
  • Bernsteinhütte 1559 m
    warden: Kurt Ziry    
    phone: +43 (0) 0676/6739497 
  • Knödelhütte 1416 m
    warden: Adolf Schratter    
    phone: +43 (0)3142/22532

  • Petererhütte 1.590 m
    warden: Peter Fehberger
    phone:  +43 (0)664/2386438

  • Alpengasthof Salzstiegel 1543 m
     warden: Waltraud Köckf
     fax: 03141/20037

Most of the huts are open from early June to September 20th,
with the notable exception of Salzstieglhaus,
which is open year round.

Hut distance short overview:
Segment / Walking time / Distance)
Pack > Knödelhütte 90 min/ 4.4 km
Knödelhütte > Bernsteinhütte 40 min/ 2.4 km
Bernsteinhütte > Hirschegger Alm 45 min/ 2.4 km
Hirschegger Alm > Peterer Sattel 90 min/ 6.3 km
Peterer Sattel > Salzstiegelhaus 60 min 3.6 km




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